[Report] Aurora VN: HYFI conference 19-20th April 23

Hello Sir, Mam @ell @Alex_J @johanga

Thanks for your approval of the HYFI 2023 (HYBRID FINANCE CONFERENCE 2023)

Through the event, we met with many web2 users, traditional VCs looking for web3 opportunities, and web2 businesses looking to apply web3 trends.

Here is a 1-minute tiktok video recap of the whole event made by our team:

Then please check the detailed report as follows:

I Recruit new web2 users:

  1. Telegram: increase for 129 persons

  2. Twitter: increase of 159 followers

=> We asked new users to join telegram, follow Twitter, using the Aurora tip bot to tip them, and will instruct them to create Aurora + afterward and get 69 new Aurora + wallets. Please check the detailed list of the participant as follow:

The remaining $Aurora tip bot fund after the event is:

  • 68 * 5 = 340 $Aurora
  • 230 $Aurora for DAO member supporter ( 100 for MC, 100 for Donald, 30 Shark, 30 Vinh)

Total: 570 $Aurora

Remaining: 1000 - 570 = 430 $Aurora

We utilize all the remaining for other events to recruit new members for Telegram. (ie Event Independent day 30/4 in Aurora VN telegram)

II. Recruit projects, VC to build on Aurora:

  1. Projects

I got some big projects, VC with name as follow:

3.1 Crypto Hero: https://cryptohero.ai

3.2 Davensi: https://www.davensi.com

3.3 Purple Fi: https://www.purplefi.io

3.4 Gamefi - Horse of Legends: hol.run

3.5 Blockchain consultant VN - Holland: https://hanoio.com

3.6 Headquarter: https://www.hq.xyz (automate their financial activities in web3)

3.7 Verichain: https://www.verichains.io (blockchain audit )

3.8 Atllas: https://attlas.io

3.9 Superhedge;\ superhedge.com

3.10 Finfan: X-Border Financial API Platform

3.11 Blockchain Founders Fund: Investment Application - Blockchain Founders Fund - Seed and Early Stage Venture Capital Fund

3.12 Chorus One https://chorus.one

All of these projects are quite strong in finance, and they look for solutions in web3 for their users, which is related to our Cloud product.

However, while I got their personal founder’s contact, we need detailed research from BD to learn about them so I can set up a private meeting with them online.

List of project contact: Event Aurora - Google Sheets

III. Media Report:

• 1 Silver standard booth (1.8x2m)

• Compact Sized Logo Placement on the Main Stage backdrop

• 1 Article write-up on SuperCryptoNews.com

• Logo Placement on the Website and Social Media

• 2 Recurring Mentions on Social Media

• 2 Mentions in the newsletter to all attendees

=> Please check the report from the HYFI event organizer here:HYFI REPORT_AURORA.pdf

Aurora VN dealt to get additional benefits thanks to Aurora Cloud content:

• 1 keynote slot (Slot keynote 1)

=> Please check the report of my presentation here: Keynote 1: Aurora Cloud - Full-stack Blockchain for Business | HYFI 2023

• 4 VIP Ticket for Investor Networking Dinner

=> Please check the photos of our networking event here: HYFI 19.4
Full Photo of Event date: HYFI 20.4 - Google Drive

• 1 VC partner slot for the “Speed Pitching for Startups” session

Highlight images

Keynote 1: Present Aurora Cloud to all participants

Booth: Consult Aurora Cloud solution for projects, recruit web2 users by using tip bot, giving T-shirts

Networking pitching Aurora Cloud to projects, VC, and sponsors.

IV. Difficulties with timing & budget:

We received 37,987 $aurora ~ 6,636$ + 1000 $Aurora token ($200) on 18th Apr, 1 day before event day, which make the preparation not smooth.

However, in reality, when cashout in CEX, DEX, we received 36,978 $aurora ~ 6,210$ due to the low liquidity and high slippage rate.


  • 5000 aurora → 882usdt
  • 5000 aurora → 839 usdt
  • 1000 aurora → manchutsca.near (Tip in event )
  • 5000 aurora → 841u
  • 5000 aurora → 834u
  • 5000 aurora → 833u
  • 5000 aurora → 827u
  • 5000 aurora → 824u
  • 1978 aurora → 327u
  • 4489u aurora network → near

In the end, Aurora VN lost $426 after the event, we look forward to the compensation in stablecoins.


Good morn!
Here is your work done in the event

HYFI Event
KPIs planned achieved
New Apps 3-5 12
Aurora Registration 80+ 69+
Twitter Growth - 159
Telegram Growth - 129

Thanks For The Great Work!
AuroraOneLove :green_heart:


Thank you for your compliment! :pray: :blush: