[Report] Breakout NFT Conference Sao Paulo

Hello Aurora Community,

I am here to report on my experience at the Breakout NFT Conference. I was invited to speak and exhibit my NFTs and took Aurora with me. Through this event, we gained a lot of potential exciting partnerships. The event was focused on networking with big companies and investors.

As our work within Brazilian communities has progressed, we have discovered new approaches based on the results. Our focus was on presenting the tools and technologies, which generated interest on the part of managers and business representatives who want to adopt what Aurora offers. In a brief presentation lasting a few days, we were able to generate interest and set up meetings with project directors to be developed in more depth at later dates.

  • Through strong partnerships, we achieved great interest in the Escola do METAVERSO project, which has more than 4000 students and is spread across the country.

  • Casa NFT, an art-oriented project, started a conversation interested in our work as an artist, and we expanded to present what Aurora can offer in terms of tools for their business model.

  • A multinational company that offers financial education tools, plans, and courses, based on the gold market, showed great interest in developing a partnership and talking more.

  • A podcast group linked to a company and a community that operates on web 3 became interested in the Aurora Brasil project.

:white_check_mark: Due to the proximity of the events and the complexity of the subjects addressed, the conversations were postponed until after the season of events, giving us time to mature proposals and ideas.

  • Web3 entrepreneurs are developing their metaverse, and we managed to open up interest to show what Aurora can offer in terms of facilities and tools from the presentation of our game projects.

  • A press office company was interested in offering services.
    Our lecture focused on showing a successful case on web 3, reaching projects and groups.

  • Our onboarding was around 60, but we faced technical issues, and it was our first time at an IRL event, so we’ve learned a lot. (also remember it was not an activation event, and yes a networking event) from those, 9 artists.

  • The Breakout itself will have a physical place and Aurora is invited to make part.

:white_check_mark: This is a partial report - still awaiting oficial photos and videos from the event. Also connections and calls we schedule for next week, after ETH Rio. And a lot of people that still will complete the onboarding process.

Some photos:

Here is the doc with all the links :https://docs.google.com/document/d/14XjrlW_P4b_FTApn8MHk7ptLxtZJ6DGcN5u3buufQ5s/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you very much for the support is always a pleasure work with Aurora @ell @johanga @Alex_J