[Approved] Aurora LATAM and Brazil communities participation in regional IRL events

Funding scheme: One-time

Hello Aurora community, I am here to introduce the upcoming Q1 regional events in LATAM, where Brazil and Latam Guilds propose to present Aurora Community - why it is essential to participate, and what we should expect in exchange for positive results.

What problem is solving and how?
Physical events in the context of Web3 can be important for growing the community because they provide a platform for face-to-face interaction and networking opportunities for individuals and organizations within the Web3 ecosystem. These events serve as a way for people to come together, share ideas, and build relationships, which foster collaboration and drive innovation. In addition, physical events can also serve as a way to educate and engage with new and potential community members, helping to drive adoption and raise awareness of Web3 technologies and their potential uses.

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community
Metrics/KPIs to track results
Attendance Metrics:
On-site attendees: 1000
The average number of attendees per workshop: 100
Attendance rate per workshop (attendees/capacity): 80%
Engagement Metrics:

Number of questions asked during workshops: 50-100

Number of attendees who approached the team for information or discussions: 100-200

Number of business cards collected: 100-200

Feedback Metrics:

Number of attendees who completed a survey: 100-200

Net Promoter Score (NPS): 8-10 (on a scale of 0-10)

The average rating for workshops and speakers: is 4.5-5 (on a scale of 1-5)

Onboarding Metrics:

Number of attendees who completed the onboarding process: 50-100

Time to complete the onboarding process: 5-10 minutes

Number of attendees who encountered any issues during onboarding: 0-10

Aurora+ registration Metrics: 300 accounts

Number of attendees who created a wallet: 50-100

Time to complete wallet creation process: 5-10 minutes

Number of attendees who encountered any issues during wallet creation: 0-10


Event1: BlockchainCon (Blockchaincon Latam 2023)
Time: MARCH 9-11, 2023
Location: Lima, Peru

We’ll talk about Aurora, AURORA+ its features and benefits and engage people. We were making onboardings and partnerships. We will make a ground network, and spread the Aurora Network features.

Funding details:
Sponsorship Silver is included: 3 Vips Tickets, One speaker on the main stage, and One artist for NFT Exhibition: 4700$

Trip from Brazil/Argentina to Lima:

Costs for one person: Accommodation - 1 person/3 nights - $280

Food - $60/day : $180

Flight Brazil/Sao Paulo - Peru/Lima : $460

Uber/Bus - $330

*Total per 1 person from Aurora Brazil/LATAM team is 1300 USD

There she will talk about NFTs, Aurora features, Web3 Games, and my personal project Electric Neon.

Only financial costs asked: 600usd travel&stay expenses

  • Aurora Merch:
  • 80$ - 2000 Aurora flyers
  • 60$ - 2 Aurora T-shirts
  • 25$ - Aurora Stickers to onboarding (referral code Aurora plus)
  • Total funding amount: 10000usd

Near Wallet ID: cavenaghi.near
Carolina Cavenaghi
Telegram handle: @cacavenaghi
Email: cavenaghi.ca@gmail.com


An amazing way to connect aurora to Latam! Thanks @whoiscavenaghi and @johanga for making this excellent proposal. #AuroraOneLove

It is an honor to work together.


Your proposal is approved


Thank you very much!


Hey Turco! Happy to work with Latam! And the event will be a huge step! :wink:


Please wait for an agreement by email.


Thank you @ell


Fly high! Make the community proud!

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:smiley: :purple_heart: thanks for the support

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