[Report] BRing - Staking Solution on Aurora

Project Name

BRing Finance

The project overview

bRing is a decentralized cross-chain staking platform. The bRing platform provides liquidity staking pools and farming pools for fledgling projects. Our mission is to help such projects get starting liquidity for their tokens, providing users with a stable income source. At this point, we’ve launched a new smart contract — bRing 2.0, which has already been audited (https://hacken.io/audits/#bring_finance) and is fully operational.

Our features are:

  • Liquidity Staking
  • Farming Pools
  • 3 Tier Referral System
  • No Platform Fees

Links on the website, and social media

bRing Finance | Twitter | Telegram Community | Telegram Channel | Blog on Medium

Project Status

In progress


@techdir : A young project [with good progress], there are pools of liquidity, stacking and farming, which has no pools yet. Only the application’s native token is been using.
Have audited the smart contract and released a second version of it.
Since there is no liquidity at all, lock-stacking is available for at least 90 days with a crazy 30,000%.
There will be penalties if you get out of the pool early.


Thank you for the report. Looking forward to seeing a launch on Aurora. It would be great to hold AMA with your project and see you in the Aurora Community group ( pls DM me for the link).

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