[Report] Histopia Multi-Chain MetaVerse

1. Project Name

Histopia Multi-Chain MetaVerse

2. The project overview

Histopia is a Multi-Era MMORPG MetaVerse, where users can play, commiunicate, build and join battles while earning tokens and collectibles based on a strict tokenomic of Fountain of ERA(FoE) protocol.

Our Goal

Creating both a Free2Play and Play2Earn metaverse that mixes gaming with social interaction and decision-making to create a world fully built on top of player actions. That is fully on-chain, transparent, cross-chain, and cross-platform.

3. Links

Website: https://histopia.io/
*Heavily under development:)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Histopia_io

TG chat: Telegram: Contact @histopia_community
TG channel: Telegram: Contact @histopia_io

Discord: Histopia
Medium: Histopia.io – Medium

4. Development Status

  • Game Engine: Histopia game engine is written and optimized for a cross-platform experience. The engine uses the three.js library as its graphical renderer. This will make easier the integration of VR/AR into our game engine and the use of Virtual Reality technology in Histopia Metaverse. The required SDKs and designer toolkit will be released in the future.(This repo is yet to be open-source)
  • Smart Contracts: The ERA token and NFTs(with equiapable and upgradable and breedable functionalities) and resource tokens and also the FoE protocol based on proof of military is finished and can be check on its repo
  • Voice Communication and proximity call: we have a media server for supporting a unique proximity chat experience that let users feel the distance between each other and the presence with the voice system. You can check this feature on our demo version of game here: https://play.histopia.io
  • Backend APIs and indexers of contracts: We used python and node.js for implementing our needs of fetching metadata or organizing our databases for a better user experience.

5. Highlights

So far we have been mostly focused on the development and building a fully functional virtual world that is first of all self-sustainable and also scalable for the long run, Histopia has won multiple Hackathons pursuing its goal to be a multi-chain virtual world and I encourage you to see a few of our trailers the demonstrates a few of our main features.

Demo of Fountain of ERA protocol on Aurora testnet

Maze Quest

Multiplayer and Character Customization


Great work.

Aurora Africa can offer help in building/managing your community and manage social media handles with quality hands.

A collaboration to mass educate our growing audience is welcome too.


so good that you’ve returned to your poject! we’ve met it a week ago and were sad about having such a beautiful image no action happens there.

are you going to create a guide on functions and what os possible to perform there in Histopia

it’s interesting to see roadmap - your plans,
hope there’re ways of collaborations to your project :blush:


Hi:) thank you.

No, we have never left the project but we have been mostly focused on developing our GameFi structure and also optimizing Histopia Game Engine even more.

We will make more content and guides alongside our development progress.

Please join our discord and Twitter for the latest news about Histopia.


i’m already in, thanks!
when you’ll start to plan any testing opportunities or contests or giveaways, please feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to collaborate and gather community around this project :pray: :white_heart:

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There is a guest mode, without connection wallet and account registration. The positive issue is that after a long absence of visible activity the project came back to life @techdir

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Great job @israel_igboze :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks Sir. Good day

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@Expert : Metaverse is on the development stage, social media activity is low, most likely the team still has a lot of work.

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Thank you for the report.
It would be great to hold AMA with your project and see you in the Aurora Community group ( pls DM me for the link).

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