[REPORT] Monthly Report (February - March) - Aurora Hunters

Hello everyone. Another busy month has come to an end, and we’re already well into the month of April. The Aurora Hunters team is excited to share our progress and accomplishments for the months of February and March. Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the current global situation, we continued to work hard to achieve our goals and bring value to the community. We hope this report will give you a better understanding of what we’ve been up to and how we’re moving forward.

Guild Name: Aurora Hunters
Previously Approved proposal
Members :
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@Tolmindev :man_artist:
@Sgur :man_teacher: (translator)
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Progress Report Summary:


Date Event dApp Links
01.02.23 dappreview Unofarm Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1620839911120310273?s=20
02/02/23 HIW live AMA session Openbisea https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1620599751623462912?s=20
06/02/23 NFT collection minting Aurora Hunters NFT Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
06/02/23 AWD#20 PureFI, Here Wallet Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1622570360687173632?s=20
07/02/23 HIW live test AMA 3six9 https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1622704559096201216?s=20 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
How it works? 3SIX9 NFT marketplace. Mint NFT with Unlockable content - YouTube
08/03/23 Hallway testing Purefi Telegram: Contact @ahtestdata
09/02/23 dapp review PureFI https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1623559507619250176?s=20 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
10/02/23 Hiw video tutorial 3six9 How it works? 3SIX9 NFT marketplace. Mint NFT with Unlockable content - YouTube
13/02/23 AWD#21 Holdr, Bitok https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1625178109006823441?s=20 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
15/02/23 Hallway testing 3six9 Telegram: Contact @ahtestdata
15/02/23 dappreview 3six9 https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1625927195007778849?s=20
20/02/23 AWD#22 Atomic green, Ghost NFT Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1627502822878072832?s=20
22/02/23 Hallway testing Atomic green Telegram: Contact @ahtestdata
22/02/23 dapp review Atomic green https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1628298206332198912?s=20 https://t.me/HuntersAurora/454
23/02/23 HIW xdao https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1627301197718642688?s=20 https://t.me/HuntersAurora/460
25/02/23 hiw xdao tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGRZK7nbMsY&feature=youtu.be
27/02/23 AWD#23 Delta theta, Taskon https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1630070296936955905?s=20
28/02/23 auroriry AMA co-host https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1629691337556611072?s=20
02/03/23 hallway testing Delta theta https://t.me/ahtestdata/315
02/03/23 dappreview Delta theta https://t.me/HuntersAurora/480
06/03/23 AWD#24 De. Fi, InteractWith https://t.me/HuntersAurora/492
Monthly dappradar submiting review
09/03/23 hiw live test AMA GenaDrop https://t.me/HuntersAurora/503
12/03/23 Hiw Genadrop tutorial https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1634990807395745792?s=20
12/03/23 AuroraVoice host https://t.me/HuntersAurora/514
13/03/23 AWD#25 Wordle, AuroraCloud https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1635158663102099457?s=20
16/03/23 hallway testing genadrop https://t.me/ahtestdata/320
16/03/23 dapreview genadrop https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1636444165167824911?s=20
20/03/23 AWD#26 Australis, CryptoDO https://t.me/HuntersAurora/555
21/03/23 AuroraVoice Algorand https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1637411783311781889?s=20
22/03/23 Waxnear Twitter AMA guest from Aurora Defi https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1638434265443577856?s=20
23/03/23 HIW livetest - https://t.me/HuntersAurora/574
23/03/23 Hallway testing Australis https://t.me/ahtestdata/330
23/03/23 dapreview Australis https://t.me/HuntersAurora/563
25/03/23 Video teaser for wordle tournament wordle https://t.me/HuntersAurora/570
27/03/23 AWD#27 Unmarshal, MugenSwap https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1640189420929163264?s=20
28/03/23 AuroraVoice (now Huntersvoice) Secret Network https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters/status/1639669347852353539?s=20
30/03/23 HIW livetest AMA Aurora Cloud https://t.me/HuntersAurora/574
[techdir_report_feb_mar.docx attachment](upload://isDx28tNXK7kFwJH0coGQZiCxgL.docx) (20.5 KB)

All of the mixing, mastering, and music production for the AWD podcast was completed for both languages. Short video tutorials were prepared for our ecosystem dApps, and community engagement campaigns were tested, including hallway testing for the ecosystem dApps. We connected with the team at DappRadar to submit Aurora Ecosystem’s dApps for review. Additionally, we hosted and co-hosted EN|RU languages AMA sessions on various social networks.
We will continue in this same direction to benefit the Aurora ecosystem.


News Creating and posting news updates in various Telegram channels
Dapps Conducting weekly checks on the Aurora network
DappRadar Adding Aurora Dapps to DappRadar and keeping the information updated
Awesomenear Adding Aurora Dapps to AwesomeNear and keeping the information updated
Community Dashboard Adding Aurora Dapps to the Community Dashboard and keeping it updated with accurate information
Community Research Conducting research on various topics related to the Aurora community
Guest Invitations Finding and inviting guests to participate in Aurora Hunters Voices

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All English AWD podcasts voice over

The Aurora Hunters team continues its work and moves forward for the benefit of the ecosystem.
We thank @johanga and @ell for the great work done and for everyone involved. You are awesome.

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Social media:
Telegram channel
Tg chat in English
Tg chat in Russian
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@aurora_hunters
Spotify Aurora Hunters | Podcast on Spotify


Good morn Hunters!
Here is your work done in the month of February - March

Socials February - March
No. of Followers Planned Achieved[February - March]
Telegram English 625 1004
Telegram Russian 70 186
Twitter 1615 1681
Medium followers 65 94
Articles - 3
YouTube Videos - 4
Events 21 30
AWD 8 8
AMAs/dApp review/ Live Test 21 30

Community Weekly Growth

Thanks for the Incredible work done for the Aurora Protocol!
#AuroraOneLove :green_heart:


Awesome. Really appreciate this :eagle: