[Report] Aurora Hunters Report April - May

Greetings to all! We sincerely hope you are doing great. As we step into the months of April and May, we, the Aurora Hunters team, are delighted to update you on our recent progress and achievements.

Guild Name: Aurora Hunters
Previously Approved proposal
Members :
@Expert :mage:
@techdir :man_mage:
@Tolmindev :man_artist:
@MaxKott :kissing_cat:

Progress Report Summary:

Event Date Link Rewards
MYSTERY BOX 01.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 74
MYSTERY BOX 08.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 72
Hunters Bet 06.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 51
Hunters Bet 13.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 47
Hunters Bet 20.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 48
Hunters Bet 26.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 50
Hunters Bet 04.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 46
Hunters Bet 11.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 43
Hunters Bet 19.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 49
Hunters Bet 26.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 47
Bot Challenge 05.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 49
Bot Challenge 12.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 45
Games - WORDL Aurora 24/7 01.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 110
Games - 2048 β€˜How to play 2048’ 16.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 35
Games - Prizes for Smartness WORDL and 2048 21.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 350
Aurora Adventures - Layer3 02.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 2756
Aurora Adventures - Zealy 14.04.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 420
Aurora Adventures - Zealy 03.04-30.05 03.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 831
Aurora Adventures - Layer3 10.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 2476
Aurora Adventures - Midle 15.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora -
Aurora Adventures - Layer3 18.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 2424
Aurora Adventures - Layer3 29.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora 2848
Aurora Adventures - Zealy 30.05-15.06 30.05.23 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora -


Date Activity Link
03.04.23 AWD# 28 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
05.04.23 layer3 quest preparation Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
06.04.23 safetransfer dappreview Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
08.04.23 Hunters Voice Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
10.04.23 AWD#29 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
13.04.23 How it Works, Xircus Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
14.04.23 Zealy quest preparation Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
17.04.23 AWD#30 Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
19.04.23 Forward protocol, dappreview Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
20.04.23 How it works, Cookbook Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
21.04.23 2048game youtube tutorial Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
25.04.23 Hunters voice Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
27.04.23 How it works, de3Verce Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
29.04.23 Cookbook, dappreview Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
02.05.23 Hunters Voice Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
04.05.23 How it works, Forward protocol Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
06.05.23 de.fi, dappreview Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
10.05.23 AMA, games on Aurora, speaker Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
11.05.23 How it works, De.Fi Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
13.05.23 De.Fi youtube tutorial Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
16.05.23 Hunters Voice Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
17.05.23 Discord AMA with Midle, speaker Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
18.05.23 How it works, Pulsar Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
23.05.23 Hunters voice Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
25.05.23 How it works, Sentio Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
25.05.23 Pulsar, dappreview Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
30.05.23 Hunters Voice Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora



  • Searching and publishing news to the main telegram community news channels

dApps on Aurora:

  • Weekly check of Aurora’s network support for all dapps of the Ecosystem

Weekly Hunter’s Voice on Tuesdays:

  • Finding and inviting guests
  • 5 project representatives took part in the AMAs


  • 6 projects were added during the reporting period:
    Hashbon Pass
    Boring DAO

Electric Capital:

  • 198 partner chats were added, and some were created in the process
  • 198 messages with a request and more than 1000 with reminders and explanations have been sent
  • 131 projects have confirmed sending the form so far
    Work in progress, see the link for the doc.

Aurora TG Manager:

  • Approximately 120 requests were sent
  • Every day I try to contribute to this task in different ways
  • 87 chats have been given admin rights so far
    The work continues.


  • Adding Aurora Dapps to AwesomeNear and keeping the information updated

Community Dashboard:

  • Adding Aurora Dapps to the Community Dashboard and keeping it updated with accurate information

Community Research:

  • Conducting research on various topics related to the Aurora community

:eagle: All design*

As always this great designer has done every picture for the Hunters.

The Aurora Hunters team is making significant progress toward improving the ecosystem. We extend our gratitude to @johanga and @ell for their exceptional work and to all those who contributed. Your efforts are truly commendable.

:people_hugging: :mega:
Social media:
Telegram channel
Tg chat in English
Tg chat in Russian
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@aurora_hunters
Spotify Aurora Hunters | Podcast on Spotify


Good morn Hunters!
Here is your work done in the month of April-May

Socials April-May
No. of Followers Planned Achieved
Telegram English 780 1,056
Telegram Russian 88 250
Twitter 2018 4,198
Medium followers 94 98
YouTube Videos - 4
Events 21 23
AWD 2 3
AMAs/dApp review/ Live Test 21 23

Community Weekly Growth

Thanks for the incredible work done for the Aurora Community!
#AuroraOneLove :green_heart: