[Rejected] Youtube Video + Talkshow - Nov, Dec | Aurora Insider

Hello everybody, hello new month. I’m sending a new proposal for Nov and Dec. Details below:

1.Youtube Video
This month we will launch Youtube channel with Aurora Playlist

Talkshow with Aurora on our Youtube channel
-Target Audience: Vietnam Community
-Host: Aurora Insider
-Translator: Aurora Vietnam @Hai https://twitter.com/VietnamNear
-Guest: Alex (wait for confirmation)

3.Budget for request: $3550

  • 10 videos: $3000 ($300 for each) - Share on Near Insider and Aurora Insider (all platforms)
  • Talkshow
  • Host: $100
  • Translator: $100
  • Reward: $300
  • Supporting software: $50

4.Wallet ID

We will send a report at the end of the month
Thanks for supporting @ell @Alex_J


hi, GM!
it’s a nice proposal,
but you’re still in the process of the previous one

and it’s valuable and necessary to receive your report after that period to analyze the results and to make further conclusions on how to create the next plan.

anyway it looks as a good idea.
and i’d like to request more info about topics and synopsis for each of 10 videos, if it’s possible.
also I’m encouraged to know if you have a plan of these videos promotion, i.e.
– how it will help to bring new active members to the ecosystem?
– how you’re going to track them?
– why the target is limited by Vietnam region only?

have a good day :slight_smile:

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Hi @johanga thanks for replying! I understand your questions.
The first, we’re still doing the previous proposal. I also sent the report for October. You can check here: [Report] Monthly Report (Oct) - Aurora Insider

And this is an another proposal. It can be combined when we send the new proposal in December

The second, about topics for each of 10 videos, we will focus “Project Overview” topics first, then we can make another like Tutorials, How it work, etc. The audience that we’re approaching is Indian, then we’ll continue expand. We’ll have the report for this youtube channel

The third, we do talkshow, it’s quite similar to AMA. We will be rolling out in various regions and will be collaborating with the communities there. But first we want to combine with Aurora Vietnam. This is the country of crypto enthusiasts

Finally, with the money we suggested, it was just enough for us to create videos and market them. I think it’s appropriate at the moment before we propose to increase it or keep it


Good evening!

Questions from me:

  1. Why don’t you create a dedicated channel for Aurora Insiders?
  2. Where did the video you made in the previous activity go (NEAR)? They give so much money for making videos and you just take it down without any confirmation.

So I can say there are no guarantees that the same thing will not happen for this video :slight_smile:


Hello. Thanks for your feedback! The reason we hide previous videos cause we would like to change the format. And we don’t receive money from Near for this youtube channel. Just wanted clarify

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You haven’t answered this

my suggestion is to improve your work in November with what you already have
to present at the beginning of Dec excellent report that nobody has no question to it,
and after that, it will be logical to propose an activity that you can take care of and be responsible for 100%

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Thanks for replying @johanga

Most of our videos are recommended. These are intangible values

Most projects on Aurora are not on youtube if we don’t spread it. Brand identity is very important. It has lasting and eternal value

I’m looking foward to hearing from @ell and @Alex_J


Hello! Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.


Ok Alex. I see

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