[Report] OctoGamex NFT Trading Platform

OctoGamex is a decentralized NFT trading platform built for in-game and metaverse assets and providing a range of novel NFT interaction solutions. We’re building a single access point to the GameFi NFT ecosystem, enabling among others such features as: Cross-Chain trading, NFT Bridge, NFT rental and lending services, NFT trading market, and crypto asset management tools.
Website: https://octogamex.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/octogamex_com
Discord: OctoGamex - NFT Marketplace
Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @octogamex_group
The product is still under development and we are currently supporting Aurora Mainnet and BNBChain Testnet.
At the moment the development of the main functions of the platform is completed, such as: buying/selling NFT, auction, exchange and trade-in.
There were 2 rounds of beta testing, where more than 2,000 participants participated and made more than 10,000 transactions. All feedback received was thoroughly reviewed and bugs found were fixed.
The last few months have been quite productive, as we’ve partnered with lots of games, media organizations, game guilds, and more. Our community is expanding rapidly, with over 10,000 members last month alone.
We also completed the NFT Bridge development and successfully audited it.


Thank you for your report.

  • Could you please create a partners section on your website and add information about Aurora?

  • add Gaming NFT trading platform Octogamex on dapp radar;
  • and Defi lama.

Thank you.

  1. At the moment the website is in the updating process, after which a section with Investors and Partners will definitely be added.

  2. We will surely add OctoGamex to these services, but it will be only after the official launch.
    Right now for some reason we support Aurora Mainnet instead of testnet, but in fact there is no trading volume yet and we would not like to show zero volume on dappradar and defi lama.


Thank you very much and have a great day!

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@Expert : This Marketplace-bridge is a clear product on beta testing phase, in well working condition. It looks professionally, the team works, it has social media channels and chats.
Aurora wallet is connected, other blockchains are already connected, like BSH, there are already some NFT from these blockchains.