[Rejected] Aurora Integration on Giottus (Indian based crypto exchange)

                   **AURORA Partnership with Giottus Indian Crypto Exchange** 

AURORA Integration with Giottus, an Indian crypto exchange.

Hello @ell @Alex_J,

About Giottus:

Giottus is changing the way Indian users trade their digital assets by building a platform that is customer centric with top-tier customer support on par with the world’s best International exchanges. Giottus has a loyal customer base of +1.2 million active investors.

We are currently the sole, multi-lingual crypto platform in India with investors having the ability to buy, sell, and grow their crypto portfolio in 20 Indian regional languages. Giottus customer support is undoubtedly the best in the country as evidenced by the near-zero rate of escalations.

Aurora Partnership Funding Request:

  1. Aurora Networks integration
  2. Aurora Growth Marketing in Indian Users

AURORA integration on giottus:

We are elated at the fact that we are the first Indian exchange to have listed AURORA token. We are even more excited to integrate the native network, the Aurora Mainnet, which will prove beneficial to all Indian users. However, as a bootstrapped organization we do incur costs and after having multiple discussions, we anticipate spending at least $5000 to integrate the AURORA mainnet.

Previously inaccessible, integration with AURORA network will open up new ways to transact for millions of Indian users. By partnering with giottus, the team can boost transactions on the AURORA network and realize their objective of making a mark in the Indian subcontinent.

Additionally, any new tokens launched on the AURORA network will be considered listed on Giottus after due diligence.

What role will Giottus play in spreading the word about Aurora?
As Giottus help gives a right set of audience to do know more about AURORA.

Growth Marketing from Giottus to our user base of 1.2 million:

  1. Mail support
  2. Giottus push notifications
  3. Articles (giottus official blog, third-party newsletter, medium article)
  4. Promotion (text, image, video through Youtube, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin)
  5. AMA with Aurora founder
  6. Trading competition

Growth Marketing for External audience:

  1. Social media influencers
  • Top 5 Indian Regional Language (Hindi,Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam,Kannada)
  • Overview of Aurora Networks & Trading via giottus using INR
  1. SEO support
  • “How to buy Aurora in India?” articles
  1. Offline meetup in specific location
  • Explain about Aurora
  1. Twitter trending the tags
  • #GiottusAURORA

Metrics/KPIs to track results:

  1. General awareness about aurora protocol among the Indian investor community.

  2. Since we are the only exchange to have listed Aurora in India, we can create good buzz using giveaways and trading competition.

  3. Our marketing strategy will create incentives to transact Aurora tokens.

  4. Also, we will nudge users to use the Aurora network for transactions. (P.S: After Aurora mainnet integration with Giottus)

                             **Looking forward to begin this partnership!**

NEAR wallet ID:


Name: Dhivahar R

Telegram handle: @Dhivahar05

Email: Dhivahar@giottus.com


Good morning! Do you have any plans to integrate transfers in AURORA tokens in AURORA chain ? Add stablecoins in Aurora chain? Thanks!

Do you have any plans to integrate transfers in AURORA tokens in the AURORA chain ?

Absolutely, we are prepared to integrate with the AURORA network, and deposits and withdrawals are permitted in the AURORA chain.

Add stablecoins in the Aurora chain?

Please share more information on stablecoins. We spoke with Johanga last week, she promised to share, but not yet. Please provide information so that we can list them in Giottus after doing our due diligence.

Thanks and regards,
Dhivahar R

Hello! Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now. Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

Hi Alex,

I appreciate your comments. Could you please explain why we weren’t chosen for this grant? so that we can fulfil your expectations when we submit our next proposal.