[REPORT] Reddit OPS March

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Welcome to another Report from the Aurora Reddit Community. Let’s review March month on Reddit, all the events we organized for the community, and the growth stats!

Approved Proposal: [Approved] Aurora Reddit Community Proposal for JAN-FEB-MAR 2023

Previous Month Report: [REPORT] Reddit OPS February

Approved amount: 6000$ for 3 months

Guild: Aurora Reddit

Target wallet : aurorareddit.near

Link to the social media accounts: https://www.reddit.com/r/auroraisnear/

Month: March

In March, we increased from 905 to 1058 members, giving the Aurora Subreddit a total impression of 15558.

Below is the report on the growth of our community campaigns for the month of March!

The main tasks which we covered:

  • Disseminated major events, articles, and news from the Aurora Ecosystem to keep our community informed.
  • Interact with various posts that members like and engage with.
  • Managed AMAs.
  • Marketing & Event Outreach of Community Events and AMAs in Different Communities and Approaching Projects for AMAs.
  • Posting other communities’ posts and events details.
  • Removing scam posts.
  • Answering Community questions.

Some of the top posts for this month are:

Event Details:
Here are some details for the Community Campaigns for March:

AMA with XDAO [2nd - 5th March]

We held our first March AMA with XDAO. XDAO is a multichain super-dapp that allows creating your own DAO with no code. We received a total of 100+ Questions and the guest selected 10 from all.
Here are the Winner’s Details.
We had around 2100+ views from XDAO AMA.

AMA with TaskOn [2nd - 08th March]

We held our second March AMA with TaskOn . TaskOn is a Free Web3 version Gleam platform ideal for marketing and operation. It helps task initiators and implementers to collaborate efficiently and better align mutual interests.
We received a total of 100+ Questions on our Subreddit and around 50 on the Taskon platform and the guest selected 5 from the subreddit and the remaining from the taskon.
Here are the Winner’s Details.
We had around 2200 views from TaskOn AMA.

AMA with Cask Protocol [10th - 13th March]

We held our third AMA with Cask Protocol. Cask Protocol is a decentralized non-custodial protocol for powering money flow automation in Web3. Money flows include NFT subscriptions, Auto investing (DCA), Recurring P2P payments, and Automatic decentralized protocol interactions.
We received a total of 110+ Questions and the guest selected 10 from all.
Here are the Winner’s Details.
We had around 1800 views from Cask Protocol AMA.

AMA with Polaris Finance [16th - 19th March]

We held our fourth AMA with Polaris Finance. Polaris DEX is a permissionless decentralized exchange based on Balancer’s AMM with included seigniorage multipeg model and vote-escrow governance voting built on AURORA.
We received a total of 140+ Questions and the guest answered all of them.
Here are the Winner’s Details.
We had around 2600 views from Polaris Finance AMA.

AMA with Coinbrain [25th - 28th March]

We held our fifth AMA with Coinbrain. Coinbrain is a crypto analytics platform that combines on-chain and off-chain data to provide traders with the insights they need to make better decisions and increased profits.
We received a total of 90+ Questions and the guest selected 10 from all.
Here are the Winner’s Details.
We had around 1400 views from Coinbrain.

AMA on NEAR.Social and BOS [20th - 23rd March]

We held our sixth AMA on NEAR.Social and BOS
The AMA is still live. We will share the details and the AMA winner in the upcoming month.

Community Events/Giveaway:

Near Social Giveaway:

We did a very unique giveaway this month to increase our social following at NEAR.social. We seen a huge jump in followers and increased the count by 170+. Rewards were directly distributed to the winner’s wallet.

Infographic Contest :

We held our Infographic Contest for the community, covering only Aurora Cloud as a Topic. Since it was a unique topic we received low participation from the community. We since good quality infographic from the Community.
Here are the Winner’s Details.

Future plans:

  • More content and events for our Reddit Community.
  • AMA with other CEX/KOL Reddit-based communities like Coinex, Lunar, etc.

Funds Distribution

Activity Reward Payouts
Community Moderators $600 for 2 mods
AMA Community Reward $650 for 6 AMA
Community Events(Infographic & Giveaway) $150
Marketing & Event Outreach of Community Events and AMA $500
Total Spent $1900

Thanks, everyone for your support!
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Good morn!
Here is your work done in the month of March

Socials March
No. of followers planned achieved
Reddit 800+ 1058
Events 1-2 2
AMAs 4-5 6

Community Daily Growth:

Thanks for a great job!