[Approved] Aurora Reddit Community Proposal for JAN-FEB-MAR 2023

Hello, friends!

First of all, Happy New Year to the whole Aurora community. It’s a fresh year with great possibilities; let’s all work towards making Aurora achieve new heights of success.

Previous Proposal for November, December’22: [Approved] Aurora Reddit Community Proposal for NOV-DEC 2022
Report for November: [REPORT] Reddit OPS November
Report for December: [REPORT] Reddit OPS December

Highlights so far:
Members: 563 users
Impression: 54000 till now since the start of the Aurora Reddit Guild
Total AMA’s organized:

  • 14 with Ecosystem Projects
  • 2 with Exchange/KOL Subreddit

Here’s our funding proposal for the month of JAN-FEB-MAR’23:
We’ll focus on the following:

• Sharing News/Informative Posts related to Aurora Ecosystem.
• Reddit AMAs with different team members of Aurora Ecosystem Projects [Fill Form Here to apply for AMA with Reddit Community]
• Partnerships with CEXs and Crypto Community Subreddits in order to expand our subreddit.
• Organising various community events (such as quizzes, infographic events, memes, and so on) to help Aurora Reddit grow.

Metric to assess the success of our initiatives:

• 800+ members on r/auroraisnear subreddit
• 30000 Impressions on Posts
• Engagement in AMAs

  • We will accomplish this by posting Aurora Ecosystem news and statistics and raising awareness about it among the Reddit Crypto community. We will be hosting an AMA with other big crypto communities, which can bring users from multiple chains, get them onboarded, and make them stay in Aurora.
  • Organizing contests is a great way to maintain engagement and direct interaction within the community. So there will be quizzes, infographic events, meme events, and many more.
  • We have noted a good number of engagements in the AMAs we host with ecosystem projects, which have benefited these projects by creating awareness within the Reddit community. We are in discussion with 3six9, Chaineye, B4B World, and many more for these months.


• Community Moderators/Content Manager: $300×2 = $600
• Marketing (Collab Manager working on partnerships and Event Outreach): $500
• Graphic Designer for AMAs Banner & Community Event Banner : $150
• Rewards for Community for AMAs with Ecosystem Projects: $400 ($100×4 projects).
• Rewards for Community for Community Events(quizzes, meme, infographic event, etc): $200
• Rewards for Community for AMA with CEXs/Paid Partnership with other crypto subreddit communities to host AMA: $300

Monthly Budget: $2150

Total Budget: $2150×3 months = $6450

approved $6000 for Jan, Feb, March

Wallet: aurorareddit.near

Thank You for supporting Aurora Reddit Community throughout these months. We are looking forward to your support this quarter as well.
@ell @Alex_J


hello fam!
thanks for your proposal :green_heart:

could you give more precise goals for your events, please?

– number of AMA / giveaway’ events / etc per month

and how do you find the idea to promote also news(articles, threads, videos) from our regional communities like Aurora Africa, India, Turkey, etc ?
for example such videos; half week updates, or project thread]

have a great day!



Yes, Our goals for events is to create awareness of AURORA and its ecosystem projects in general. By hosting AMAs, infographics events where users create infographics on the project which helps getting aurora content visibility more on reddit platform.

The goal is to bring users through the development side of aspect rather than shilling etc.

Number of AMA: 4-5 per month

Number of events: 1-2 per month

Number of AMA with CEX/KOL: 1 per month

Since we are asking funds for 4 AMA, we will adjust the reward among AMA and events to take care of planned things

Definitely we would love to push any news/events our regional guilds would want us to push in Reddit. We will pick some interesting ones from the list by default but Please ask them to reach out to @rahulgoel007 in telegram and share the events which they would want us to push specially.


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Thank you for your proposal. Could you please include information regarding plans for community growth? How can we get 10 000 users by the end of March? Thanks

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Hi @ell ,
Is it 10000 or 1000 users at the end of march?

The goal is to onboard as many users as possible organically.

For the community growth we have contests, instant news and information sharing, AMAs and marketing with other sub reddits & KOLs.

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What the target? Thanks

cc: @zubairansari07


At the moment we have kept 800 members in our proposal but we overexceed each time.

We put 550 by end of January according to our previous 3 month’s proposal from which we onboarded about 563 by end of December itself.

So keeping the bar not so high we are keeping it around 800-900 by end of March but we will try our best to get 1000 using organic methods and help as many users as possible.


As discussed with Rahul, the target for Reddit we are keeping more than 800 users in total organically. Aurora reddit has been growing organic without any paid boost etc. That’s the idea we are thinking to keep going. Happy to listen your thoughts and suggestions :green_heart:


Hello guys. I am happy to support your proposal ($6000 / 3 months).


Thank you Ell💚

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Your proposal is approved


Thanks Alex

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