[Approved] Aurora Reddit Community Proposal for NOV-DEC 2022

Hello, friends!

@ell @Alex_J

Previous Proposal for Sept, October’22: [Approved] Reddit OPS September October
Report for September: [REPORT] Reddit OPS September
Report for October: [REPORT] Reddit OPS October

Two Months after applying different growth strategies and engaging Aurora Community on Reddit, we’ve grown Aurora Reddit to 293 Members with 17000+ Page Impressions after hosting 6 AMAs, 2 Meme Contests, and a few other Community Campaigns.

Here’s our funding proposal for the month of Nov-Dec-Jan’22:
We’ll focus on the following:

• Sharing Relevant Posts related to Aurora Ecosystem
• Reddit AMAs with different team members of Aurora Ecosystem Projects [Fill Form Here to apply for AMA with Reddit Community]
• Partnerships with CEXs and Crypto Community Subreddits in order to expand our subreddit.
• Organising various community events (such as memes, infographic events, and so on) to help Aurora Reddit grow.

Metric to assess the success of our initiatives:

• 550 members on r/auroraisnear subreddit
• 22000 Impressions on Posts
• Engagement in AMAs

Work of Team:
Rahul: Community Moderator, AMAs Organizer & Collab Manager
Vikash: Community Moderator, Content Manager, Graphics Designer & Event Outreach

Here’s a breakdown of our proposal, let me know your thoughts about it.

• Community Moderators/Content Manager: $300×2 = $600
• Marketing (Collab Manager working on partnerships and Event Outreach): $500
• Graphic Designer for AMAs Banner & Community Event Banner : $150
• Rewards for Community for AMAs with Ecosystem Projects: $600 ($150×4 projects).
• Rewards for Community for Community Events(meme, infographic event, etc): $300
• Rewards for Community for AMA with CEXs/Paid Partnership with other crypto subreddit communities to host AMA: $300

For November we’ve AMA planned with Gate.io and $300 will be distributed as rewards there, For December and January we’ll look to collab with crypto communities on Reddit to host AMAs with them

Monthly Budget: $2450

Since we have a leftover of $550 from our last proposal(which we highlighted in our last report), we will be using those funds for the upcoming months.

Budget: $2450×3 months = $7350 - $550 = $6800

Total Budget: $6800

We are seeking funding for activities for 3 months to smoothly continue marketing, events, and AMAs.

Wallet: aurorareddit.near

Approved $4000 November/ December


hey! GN :slight_smile:
you’re doing good job, but in any ways it’s quite expensive for the Aurora
for every Reddit member Aurora Invests 15.15$ - is a big sum - they have to me so active to be relevant, they have to test every dapp, write reviews about it and perform contests by themselves :laughing:

also, this month you had 6 events at all: AMAs, contests, atc - if it’s the right number?
in budget there’re some unclear points, will be grateful for giving more details about it:

– you have only one Reddit channels - no twitter, TG or other socials, but 1100usd is the budget enough to maintain 5-6 socials by 2-4 people, by my experience.
do you have there so much action that you really need with 2 content managers?
i see here the best is
CM = 300 USD
MM = 300 USD


– could you count please all the amount of events, that you’re going (and can) to maintain monthly?
as I’ve noticed by weekly plan, Reddit channel has 1-2 events per week,
so it’s 4-8 per month - we’re getting middle sum of 6 events for a month
let it be 150usd for rewards on every event
that means 600usd has to be enough for all the rewards for each event during the month
am I right?

– can you collect and post here a short-list of such communities that you’re thinking to perform a partnership with, please?

hope to hear from you soon :pray:


Hi @johanga
Good Morning

Judging solely on the basis of members isn’t right, do consider other metrics like impressions. We had an impression of 18K, that’s quite great.

And would like to remind you we’re in a bear season, this initiative started two months back.
Posting Announcements on NEAR Official Telegram gains the same amount of impressions (1K Views) as we’re currently getting on Reddit.

I do get your point, but that’s the thing about bear season, no one wants to engage but everyone needs regular updates about the project they are investing in on their preferred channels. Still, we are getting better engagement on our regular updates and on events also as per our report.

and if we start a new social platform, it takes some time to onboard initial users but then with time, it grows much better.

We are working solely on Reddit that’s why we named our team Reddit OPS.
There’re tons of Telegram and Twitter, I do agree we need more pages on Twitter for promoting Aurora but we’re focusing on growing Aurora on Reddit, an OG platform for crypto users.

Having an experience of 4 years in crypto communities we have witnessed a standard charge of $15/hour approx, and we already discussed this with @ell before starting the guild so seeing work 40 hours in a month working on partnerships, moderating Reddit, collecting news from Twitter, promoting Aurora’s Reddit, and shilling on other subs, we think the budget we have mentioned is justifiable.

It’s not for 2 content managers but for Community Moderators/Content Managers.
Well, Community Moderators post news about Aurora Ecosystem, that are being published in the Community news stream and also push ecosystem project-related news.
Community Moderators do have to review contests that are being posted, reviewing every post on Reddit.
The Content Manager host over 4 AMAs per month, and needs to review the content for the banner, moderating and reviewing 100s of AMA questions, I do feel we should have two of them so as not to have a single point of failure.

$150 per event and for 6 events would be the same as mentioned earlier on the proposal, that will be $900.

But since we will be doing AMA’s with CEX and KOL’s subreddit we have requested a further $300 for that as they have a huge user base and sharing content about Aurora and onboarding them to the Aurora subreddit would require extra prize money.

So 4 AMA with Ecosystem Project: $600
Community Event(2-3 events per month): $300
AMA with CEX/KOL(1 per month): $300
A total of $1200

We can restructure the prize money with Ecosystem Project and Community event if it really needed.

We are already running an AMA with Gate.
For other communities, we are still looking out for which sorts our purpose and can help in building good support for Aurora Subreddit. Once we have a list ready we will share it with the team.

Building a community on Reddit during the bear market will take some time as it’s such a platform where OG members come for meaningful discussion. we promised 100 members by October and we were able to achieve 293 members if you check our previous reports and proposal.



I saw your Reddit Platform and saw your work there, but I saw you gain the much more followers in terms of running quiz and giveaway , which can be done by anyone
So can you work on organic stats?

giving a moderator 300$ for one channel which I believe its not proper because in so many projects a mod salary starts at $200 only for Discord and telegram channel!!

@ell @johanga , I saw their Stats and Upvotes is almost very less in terms of the budget they ask


The organic post didn’t reach more than 5 upvotes and no comments at all…

As a respected Aurorians, Its an open platform where I can show my review of what I saw your channels doing !!

Thanks @rahulgoel007

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Guys, I am expecting your answer on these !! @johanga

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Hey, to clarify on this, for November we’re hosting an AMA with Gate.io which is ongoing, for December we are hosting an AMA with r/cryptocurrency, the biggest subreddit for crypto on Reddit with over 5M+ subs

To clarify further, Reddit has released their own cryptocurrency called moons, and r/cryptocurrency sub require 3rd party AMA hosts to acquire and burn a set amount of moons in exchange for a 24hr sticky slot on the subreddit. So we’ll be getting that and would use remaining funds to use as rewards for AMA for community.


We’re in middle of a bear season. All we can guarantee is impressions and making community aware of the updates coming from ecosystem and showing that we’re BUIDLing and projects on Aurora are BUIDLing! We’ve kept a very active Reddit Channel with constant news posting.

It’s user’s decision whether he finds it interesting and upvotes the post. (If someone downvotes posts, upvotes gets reduced too.)

[quote=“Batara, post:4, topic:1471”]
Upvotes is almost very less in terms of the budget they ask
[/quote] We can’t force users to upvote posts :v if you’re using upvotes or number of members as the sole metric, it can be easily botted which won’t be adding any value to ecosystem than growing in a organic manner with some engagement events for community.

You should contribute too with your initiative :muscle:


Thanks for your reply, I am already contributing by Investing in Aurora in $$$$ figure, But still, I don’t like your marketing strategy it is like you are feeding your self … As an Investor, I have the right to raise and review ,

Collaboration Can be Brought in many ways … just need to hire Collaborators and person who will looking for that whihc is you are alredy paying … $500 which I dont think its a right amount!!

Thnaks @johanga @ell

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how many people are working with you else @rahulgoel007 @Kv9990 ?

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Hi @johanga
It just me and @Kv9990 who is handling the Reddit Team.

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You’ve done well! Appreciate the transparency of the funds you reported from the previous month.

Since there are only two people running this, I suggest to not dividing it by task but based on each person’s responsibility out of budget for Giveaway etc.


here it is:
• CM = 400usd
• Marketing = 400usd
• Graphic Designer for AMAs Banner & Community Event Banner = 100usd
• Rewards for Community for AMAs with Ecosystem Projects = 600usd
• Rewards for Community for Community Events(meme, infographic event, etc) = 200usd
• Rewards for Community for AMA with CEXs/Paid Partnership with other crypto subreddit communities to host AMA = 300usd

total funding amount = 2000 USD per 1 month


Lol, I the amount you guyzz spending on one channel, Instead of that you can do overall marketing !! :joy::joy:

I think @ell @Alex_J
Don’t know how the marketing works … because these guy spending less , taking money in pocket toooo

May be they need any quality control and budget control!!

Hey @ell @Alex_J waiting for you guys to review the proposal :slight_smile:


Waiting for your proposal :slight_smile: to learn from you.

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Thank you for your proposal.
Approves $6000 for 3 months.


Thanks Alex💚

Send Some Proof Brother if you have else don’t blame anyone for your personal matter on forum.

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Thanks for your comments
I don’t know for this stats but are you saying in terms of a project or a community?

It’s good to make suggestions and not give a clearly defined stats in terms of compensation.

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Ok, guys. Happy to approve to 2 months, November, December. We need more AMAs on the Reddit channel and growing :slightly_smiling_face: