[Report] Aurora Eastern Europe December 2022

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Previous Proposal - December 2022 + January 2023

Approved amount in $: $5,000 (2,500 for each month)
Guild name: Aurora Eastern Europe Guild
Wallet: rucommunity.near

:white_medium_small_square: Main Content:

Slightly shorter version on Telegram:
What is “Proof-of-Reserves” (PoR)?
API3 DAO Introduces First-party oracle services to Aurora
EYWA is LIVE on Aurora Network

Aurora’s Blog
Native USDC on NEAR and Its implications On The Rainbow Bridge & Aurora
Aurora Releases Its Engine 2.8.0 Version

Aurora’s Blog Alpha Leaks
Weekly Update 2022-12-02
Weekly Update 2022-12-09
Weekly Update 2022-12-16
Weekly Update 2022-12-23

:white_medium_small_square: Daily Content

  1. Telegram News Channel - 93
    Progress: +40,9% (+27 posts)
  2. Also for more coverage there were a few reposts in our channel dedicated to NEAR Protocol
  3. Twitter - 89
    Progress: +89,36% (+42 posts)

:white_medium_small_square: Events
03.12 - Contest in Twitter with HOLDR
05.12 - AMA with HOLDR
09.12 - Quiz “December Aurora News”
20.12 - Twitter contest
23.12 - Quiz “Aurora team”
27.12 - AMA with Attarius Network

:white_medium_small_square: Grants
20 AURORA - Search quest (we add codes, in articles and updates, and people can be rewarded for them on quizchain). All results on quizchain.
99 AURORA - Best questions for AMA with Holdr (on the question form) News | Results
1000 AURORA - Contest with Cryptus News | Results
300 AURORA - Quiz “December Aurora News” News | Results
303 AURORA - Quiz “Aurora team” News | Results
240 AURORA - Best questions for AMA with Attarius Network News | Results
613 AURORA - crazyhome2.near - Translations Invoice_2022-12/near - Google Sheets
468 AURORA - liquidus.near - Translations https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MAMS4swfoWHRohRT5jzl31W3Upx6kfWUja2W4IdqOU0/edit#gid=0
65 AURORA - pyos.near - Translations Invoice_Maria_10 - Google Sheets
300 USDC - bond09.near - Payout for TG moderation
500 USDC - alyonushka.near Payout for TG moderation plus content and translations
1200 USDC - cronus.near Community management

:white_medium_small_square: Growth

Telegram News Channel - 2973
Progress: +79,96% (+1321 users)
Telegram Chat - 3446
Progress: +68,09% (+1396 users)
Twitter - 1358
Progress: +8,81% (+110 users)

Aurora Eastern Europe Guild was founded in August 2022 by the NEAR Native guild team when we understood that the Aurora ecosystem had grown so much that it was taking up most of the news feed in the NEAR Native announcements channel.
The guild has the same composition as the NEAR Native Community Guild.
Our team is committed to openness, transparency, and etiquette of the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems.

The core team of the Aurora Eastern Europe guild
:white_small_square:Vadim is the founder of the guild, a developer, DevRel Proximity, an IT specialist, hosts AMAs as a guest or host, and is responsible for the technical operability of guild resources.
:white_small_square:Vladislav - community manager, manages the main processes of the guild, writes news, shapes content events, conducts AMA sessions in the community Telegram chat, organizes events.
:white_small_square:Alena is a moderator, helping with content and translations.
:white_small_square:Yuri (Bond) is a moderator, the first NEAR/Aurora dapps tester and creator of detailed instructions.

Our translators help us with the translation of the most important articles and the blog of Aurora: Alexey, Eugene, Maria, Andrey.

Since the founding of the guild, we have published 362 posts in the Telegram feed, 283 tweets on Twitter, 21 alpha-licks on aurora.dev and 8 blog articles, 17 articles on the nearspace.info blog, 5 AMA sessions, 5 quizzes and 12 community events (together with Influencers or ecosystem projects). There were also some AMA sessions with Aurora projects in the NEAR Native community.
In the fall, Vadim together with the CEO of Aurora Labs Alex Shevchenko spoke at a major crypto news publisher, Forklog.

We also cooperated with famous Influencers in CIS region: Incrypted, Moni Talks, Forklog, CryptoLamer, Crypton, ICO Drops.

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thanks for your detailed and comprehensive report!

The table is not quite correct.
We received the following amounts during the entire time:
9.6k - August-Semtember
8.1k - October-November
5k - December-January(23)
Thus, the overall CpU should be completely different.