[Approved] Aurora Community Mods Ops Remuneration July, August, Septermber 2023

Hello Aurora Fam, Aurora Community Mods Ops, being a part of the Community Grants program, presents new team members for the next months according to Transitioning Aurora Community to Near Digital Collective: Empowering Decentralization and the Vitality of Community in the Aurora Ecosystem

rexux: focus on Aurora news stream, Discord; customers support 24/7, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Help Scout. $1400 a month *3months = $4200. target wallet rexux.near

Aliaksandr: focus on Aurora news stream, DappRadar, DeFi Lama, Electric Capital, live apps, ecosystem community managers chat, cross-connections between web3 communities, customers support 24/7, quests support, live apps, dapps testing, statistics $1800 a month *3months = $5400
target wallet ahtest.near


Thank you for your proposal. Moving to approved.