[ Anunciament] Apresentation

Hello community, how are you?

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Natasha Cremonese, I am a visionary artist, also a teacher.

I would like to participate, to get to know the aurora network.
Here is my resume, in case you are interested.

Artista Visionária Brasileira 2D e 3D, Arte Educadora, Professora de Artes Visuais Licenciada pela (UNINTER).
Estudante de Pós-graduação em História e Cultura Afro-brasileira e Indígena (UNINTER) . Oficineira, Multiartista, costureira, artesã, produtora cultural.

Proponente , Social Media + Designer Projeto ATM – Arte Tecnologia Metaverso Exposição: da Escola para o Mundo

CEPC / RS: 10157

FOUNDER / FUNDADORA @octopodedao

Social Media em @GambiarraDao (Instagram e Facebook)

She has several formations in the area of education and art, as courses of Social Educator, complementary formations as Special Education, Transversality Teaching, Digital Painting, Concept Art and 3D modeling in Revolution School.

She worked as an Art Educator/Social Educator in 4 social projects of MDSCS (Mitra Diocesana de Santa Cruz do Sul), Projeto Sol Maior, Cora Coralina, Santo Inácio e Querubins. Serving children, adolescents and elderly in social vulnerability. In addition, she has almost 3 and a half years of experience as an Art teacher at the E.E.E.M. Nossa Senhora da Esperança (Santa Cruz do Sul), where she still works today.

Worked in the Art Direction of the independent record label “Estação do Baixo”. Performing functions of Social Media, Graphic Designer, Art Direction in projects, Illustrator among other functions.

In 2022 she worked for 6 months as a teacher of Visual Arts at SESC/Santa Cruz do Sul

She is one of the creators of the Women’s Collective Project, in which she maintains a support group in WhatsApp where women (cis, trans…) exchange ideas, help each other and strengthen bonds.
Where they share and promote information about laws, debates, the lgbtq+ community, culture, art, and entrepreneurship.

At the age of 16 developed the Project Arte Livre : Projeto Arte Livre

Participated in events doing live painting in events. In Festival Soundvision/Serra Gaúcha (2017), Psyres/SCS(2019), Origens Gathering Festival(2020) and Online Festival KIZOMBAR A festa é do Povo é Fora Bolsonaro (2020). Besides working in the Management of the Kids Space and Workshops of the Origins Gathering Festival since 2016, performing inside the Festival the Free Art Project and that in the year 2020 (before the pandemic), she executed together with a team of professionals, monitors and workshops, the Potý Project, which she was also the creator.

Projeto Potý: Redirecting...

She began studying digital painting in 2018, and since then has been developing works, visual identities, and is currently creating her own tarot deck with her version of the 22 major arcana. Besides starting to walk the path of 3D modeling, which was a dream.

**Substitute Councilor of Street Art and Culture in the Culture Council of Santa Cruz do Sul.

Participant of the International Biennial of Psychedelic Culture and Visionary Art:
Initiation Ritual), Exhibitor of Babel Museum 2021, ABAV Art & Sensorium (Brazilian Academy of Visionary Art).

** AWARDS**:

In the year 2020 received the PRECIMIO TRAJETÓRIA CULTURAL from the city of Santa Cruz do Sul 2020 EDITAL Nº 002/SECULT/ ALDIR BLANC .


Approved in the EDITAL AQUISIÇÃO DE BENS E MATERIAS. Nº 003/SECULT/ ALDIR BLANC 2020 Santa Cruz do Sul in the amount of R$6,000.00

Cryptoart Exhibitions:

First Exhibition of Psychedelic Cryptoart of Brazil (Pupil Dilated). 03/25/2021.

Second Edition of Pupila Dilatada Exhibition. Where he also worked as Social Media. 06/08/2021 Access:


Works made for @raizverticalfarm (LISBON/ PORTUGAL) 12/2021

Works available for sale at mintbase:

Physical/In-Person Exhibitions:

Origens Gathering Festival in the year 2018

Origens Gathering Festival in the year 2020.

1st Exhibition of the Visual Arts Sector of Santa Cruz do Sul 2021

Collective exhibition, works made for @raizverticalfarm (LISBON/ PORTUGAL) 12/2021

Exhibition Visionary Art Gallery / Forró da Lua Cheia 30 Years Altinópolis/SP - 2022 Curator Rodrigo NINI


Works available for sale at mintbase: