[Introduction] Aurora Creative Society

Introduction to Aurora Creative Society (ACS)

We want to build a collective of creative people in the Aurora network. The goal is to put the creative minds of people from around the world to create meaningful content through collaborations and partnerships. ACS will not just cater to illustrators; it recognizes the diverse creative spectrum present in the Metaverse - there are musicians, singers, dancers, sculptors, designers, writers, photographers, directors, actors, and so much more! They have a lot to offer, and bridging the gap between these media is ACS’s vision, to create meaningful content that impacts the real world as much as it does the Metaverse. On top of the metaverse, our skillset can help projects that aren’t focused on the Metaverse or NFTs, such as graphic design or Web development.

Coming Soon!

Our team:

Digital Artist, Council of Graffiti Dao and Hype Dao, former-founder of Filipino Artist Guild

Web Developer & Designer for 9 years

EL @malamaya
Interior Designer, COO of upcoming Metaverse Game Studio on Sandbox

Business Development at Trisolaris, Founder of EVIE marketplace

Problem & Solution
Aurora is a relatively new network and even newer to metaverse projects. ACS value proposition is to accelerate the adoption by building a think tank of like-minded users. We would be able to help each or help other projects.

Value for Aurora
To accelerate the adoption of the Metaverse & NFTs, but also provide creative designs for other projects.

Our Plans
On top of build or socials and community, we have specific plans through experience that can help with this process and Aurora at the same time:

Aurora Artist Live Night
Aurora Artist Spotlight
Aurora Beats and Sirens

We will provide more information soon!

We are excited to join the Aurora community and can’t wait to show everyone the value we can bring!


Hi sys :slight_smile:
there is NO Creatives category, like NEAR forum has - no such proposals are accepted here and no one guide exists about it :orange_heart:

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@ell @Alex_J

Hi, can you confirm if what @johanga is true? I don’t want to cause trouble if we are not allowed to form this group, but would also love to initiate if it is allowed!

Thank you!

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