[Rejected] Budget for the inclusion of career or trade professionals, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs within blockchain technology for the somos global cc (aurora) program☀️


COMMUNITY: GLOBAL CC www.globalccve.com


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4.- Please introduce yourself and your teammates


@globalcc Greetings, I am Carlos Piñerúa, Venezuelan, 39 years old, resident in Caracas, Venezuela; Marketer by profession, graduated from the Simón Rodríguez University with a degree in Administration, mention in Marketing and Superior Technician in Marketing, graduated from the Cecilio Acosta University College of Los Teques.
With experience of more than 10 years, in the commercialization of mass consumption products; acquiring valuable managerial experience in the areas of Sales, Purchasing, Customer Service, Logistics, Inventories and Projects; with the satisfaction of a recognized track record and satisfactory results during my management.

In search of undertaking new challenges and with my managerial experience, I ventured into the Real Estate sector under the Siglo 21 Real Estate brand, obtaining notable results as General Manager, occupying position No. 21 of all the offices in Greater Caracas; demonstrating excellent performance and teamwork; and in growth I participated as Manager of the company Real Estate Solutions Area.

Since 2018 I have carried out various training courses, workshops, forums, conversations in an active and enthusiastic way, putting into practice the knowledge acquired under the blockchain technology environment, DeFi development, Metaverse or Web3, mainly with the certifications obtained from the protocol. . NEAR (Near Certified Analyst NCA) and (Near Certified Teacher NCP) through Near Hispanic.

I currently participate in different communities under blockchain technology; mainly Near Venezuela, with active participation in the Open Web Academy, Near P2P, Paras, Nativo, 4myfuture, Aurora, Burrito Battle communities, with an NFT awarded as community awards and as a promoter of the Free Horse Project through the acquisition of an NFT and the publication of NFT in natives.

@legalglobalcc Carmen Cruz, domiciled in Caracas-Venezuela, by profession a lawyer with 13 years of experience in active practice, graduated from the Jose María Vargas University, Postgraduate and Master’s Degree in Criminalistics from the former University Institute of Scientific Police (IUPOLC) and the Experimental University of Security (UNES), respectively, pursue postgraduate studies at the National School of Prosecutors of the Public Ministry (ENFMP).

She has extensive experience in the Public and Private sectors, holding positions in Legal Consulting for important companies in the country. Practicing professionally at the Corporate level in matters of risks and legal strategies applied at the Business level and Compliance Officer at the Banking level.

In constant training in the different areas of Law, I have attended workshops, forums and attended National Congresses on Intellectual Property, Maritime Law, Legal Aspects of Cryptoassets, Real Estate Negotiations, among others… which has allowed me to expand my knowledge, perfect my techniques and reinforce my skills putting into practice what I have learned to find timely and immediate solutions for clients, with ethics, honesty and responsibility.

In order to maintain a constant and dynamic update in Legal and Juridical matters, Currently studying a Diploma in Law and New Technologies, which represents the vision for the future, systematic adjustments to trends, Legaltech, Smart Cities, Taxation and Cryptoactive, Computer Crimes , Grooming, Blockchain.

@globaltc Ana de Morales Venezuelan, residing in Caracas; Bachelor of Arts, Cultural Promotion Mention and Bachelor of Education graduated from the Central University of Venezuela and the Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University, respectively. With 25 years of experience holding teaching and management positions in the education sector; I have participated in courses, talks, workshops, conferences; that have allowed me to acquire skills under technological environments, in marketing for social networks, didactic and pedagogical strategies, among others.

Financing Scheme: Quarterly

Digital Tools

 Canva Graphic Design Platform for Teams
 Video Maker and Powtoon Animations

Thanks to its benefits, these tools will allow us to create high-quality visual content in images and audio; work efficiently simplifying activities, making work teams providing greater productivity. Animated videos are entertaining and capture the viewer’s attention, achieving greater interest and retention of information, plus it is scientifically proven that users feel more compelled towards animated videos than other types of videos.

It also increases up to 50% the probability of appearing among the first search results; 80% of visits to a website consume videos, which makes them go viral, due to their clear messages and very striking graphics. All this will guarantee a considerable improvement in the initial indicators in a short time.

• Canva for Teams 84.90 USDT
• Powton Agency 1,200.00 USDT
Sub Total 1,284.90 USDT


Watch my Powtoon:

(Powtoon - Wallet NEAR..)


Sub Total: 1,284.90 USDT

Human management:

• (1) Project Manager
• (1) Social Media Manager (SMM)
• (1) Professional Assistance
Sub Total: 1500 USDT Quarterly


• (1) Community Manager (CM) 600 USDT
• (1) Digital Content Manager (SMM) 900 USDT
• (1) Creative Designer 600 USDT
• (3) Qualified Copywriter 1200 USDT
• (3) Moderators (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) 1800 USDT

strong textSub Total 5,100 USDT


 Promotions and funding of new Telegram and Twitter wallets to grow the community: 300 USDT Quarterly
 Team management costs: Planning, reports, team meetings, coordination, article preparation, brainstorming 300 USDT Quarterly
Sub Total: 600 USDT

Quarterly General Total: 8,484.90 USDT


Summary of the proposal, be sure to include:

We are Global CC is an initiative of entrepreneurs, career or trade professionals and businessmen, who jointly and individually contribute their potential, experiences and interests to support and promote the professional sector in the region; It has a community of approximately 4,000 professionals, distributed in different productive areas, who are potential users and investors who can join and adopt blockchain technology, mainly DeFi, Metaverse, Web3 Development, DAO; applying it to their corresponding sectors where they operate, as well as expanding within the Aurora ecosystem; which is why our proposal is to offer said community theoretical, technical and practical training, to encourage them to apply the benefits offered by the latest technological trends in their personal and business environment; all this through activities carried out by members of our community certified in NCP, NCA, NCD under the Near protocol.

What problem is the proposal solving?

Today more and more countries are joining blockchain technology, which has caused its accelerated growth, the professional sector is not exempt from all this, demanding new approaches, bringing with it the need to provide career professionals or trade, businessmen and entrepreneurs; knowledge and tools for the adoption of this technology, in their work or personal environment, from a professional approach and not only enthusiastically or isolated to their profession.

How is the problem being solved?

We have initially proposed the following activities to respond to the problem:
• Consolidate in a single account, the entire community of career or trade professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen of Somos Global CC who are scattered in different accounts.
• Progressive growth of the community, inviting career or trade professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen, as well as making promotions mainly within the technological field.
• Start of the positioning process in our Twitter account in English @globalccus, which has shown satisfactory results in a month working as a promoter for other projects under the Near ecosystem.
• Creation of a Medium account for the professional and technology community and its application mainly.
• Generate articles to be published on Medium and Telegram.
• Community management in the different social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Discord), through the tools determined in the action plan.
• Generation of content for the YouTube platform (Animated Whiteboard Videos) in the professional and technical environment, under blockchain technology, applied to the particularities of each sector of the community.
• Beginning of the activities of the Advisor’s Club for career or trade professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen with Workshops, Courses, Talks, of a technical, informative and educational nature, online and/or in person.
• Job and business opportunities.
• Conversations in the university sector and influential professionals in the education sector to attract new talent for the technology area.


We seek to build a community of career or trade professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen, potentially productive, who are interested in and adopt blockchain technology knowing the benefits of the Aurora ecosystem, created under the Near Protocol team; directly relating it to their personal or work activity, generating potential investors and attracting talent for the continuity of Aurora’s development.

Metrics / KPIs to monitor results.

The proposal is based on a strategy of comprehensive community inclusion of career or trade professionals to achieve the objectives and sustainable and ascending growth, with quarterly periodicity indicators and monthly metrics. The content strategy to be developed is Informative (News, News), Educational and Technical publications.

Indicadores / KPIs Cantidad Periocidad Total Trimestral
Twitter Posts (Copywriter and Creative Designer) 2 español/ inglés Diaria 360
Publishing on Instagram Stories and Post (Copywriter and Creative Designer) 2 Semanal 24
Animated Whiteboard Videos for YouTube Category, What’s New, News (Copywriter and Creative Designer) 1 Semanal 12
Animated whiteboard videos for YouTube, Education category (Copywriter and Creative Designer) 1 Quincenal 6
Videos for YouTube, Technical category (Copywriter and Creative Designer) 1 Mensual 3
telegram group 50-100 miembros Mensual 150-300
Telegram Channel 50-100 suscriptores Mensual 150-300
Twitter account in Spanish 50-100 seguidores Mensual 150-300
Twitter account in English 50-100 seguidores Mensual 150-300
YouTube channel 50-100 suscriptores Mensual 150-300
Instagram 50-100 seguidores Mensual 150-300


Soon it will be possible to count within the indicators translators in several languages (Chinese - Mandarin, French), events, AMA

  1. Links to similar proposals in the forum (if applicable)
    Does not apply

Financing details

  • Human management 6.600,00 USDT
  • Meetings and Professional Incentives| 600,00 USDT
  • Digital Professional Tools 1.284,90 USDT

Total amount requested: 8,484.90 USDT QUARTERLY

  1. ID: globalcc.near
  2. His name: Carlos A Piñerúa Andrade
  3. Telegram identifier: somosglobalcc
  4. Email: carlospinerua@gmail.com

Thanks in advance for your attention especially to the members of the AURORA community grants program team: @Alex_J @ell :+1:

says goodbye
@globaltc @globalcc @legalglobalcc


Your team has a good resume. Most of the text talks about your merits and your work, only a small part, almost 4-5 times you mention Aurora. What is the number of participants in Global CC? You are a trader, how are you going to help the development of Aurora?
Thx :blush:


We stick quite closely to the structure to carry out the proposal in the demonstration of what we have and the scope that we can achieve with respect to AURORA is scalability among the community that is distributed in 4 areas of professional action, all under the coordination of a core team of 10 people and indirectly about 9 more people who interact with the community.

The idea of ​​Global CC to contribute and HELP THE DEVELOPMENT OF AURORA is to encourage the community of professionals to enter and adopt AURORA, learn about the opportunities offered by its application in personal and work environments, interact within the ecosystem, as well as promote attracting developers to join and make AURORA grow; all through providing them with the aspects in an integral way: 1) TECHNICALLY in the adaptation to the new technologies implemented with training through all our Digital Platforms (Social Networks) AND the PRODUCTION AND DESIGN of Animated Videos - Educational on the Ecosystem, such and as you can see in the model attached to the proposal


the importance of transmitting information in a simple, fun and didactic way about Usability and Cryptoactives, Fundamental Principles, Startups and Cryptocurrencies, as well as we are preparing to reinforce the – Scope 2) LEGAL since at the level of LATAM specifically in Venezuela it currently exists a great void in relation, both, to “Technology applied to Law - and Law applied to Technology”, we will apply micro-workshops in the Line on Legaltech, Contracts and Smart Cities, Digital Identity, Crypto-enterprises in Venezuela, Glossaries of Terms, Probative Law and Blockchain Technology. And in this way, create awareness based on the security and stability provided by AURORA, set the standard by being a reference by supporting the AURORA ecosystem in our community and thus achieve progress in tune with the growth of blockchain technology, which demands professionals with a recognized track record. , related knowledge and that venture into and adopt this technology.

COMMERCIAL is managed indirectly as we offer Entrepreneurs, Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Professionals a space to promote their products or services and make them available to the rest of the community, comprehensively displaying everything in one place .

Thank you @stalking @ell @Alex_J


Introductory videos are a good feature for adapting people who have entered Aurora. I am interested in how you will attract new participants to Aurora? The first stage is the necessary information that you will present to people who are not familiar with this project. The second stage is the usage guide. How will you implement the first stage? You can answer more simply, without using legal terms. People need simplicity and accessibility.
Thx :blush:



We will start the promotion and training in person or virtually, beyond the general information that could be found in different networks, focusing on awareness and the use of animated videos for greater simplicity and application of the benefits that Aurora offers, thanks to the which can improve efficiency, safety and increase profitability for their work environments.

This promotion will be managed using digital media, with open forums to generate opinion matrices and interact directly with the audience and capture the greatest amount of attention; We also put our social networks at the service, the activation of the Twitter/Telegram channel, recently created in both English and Spanish, to attract professionals and businessmen as potential users of Aurora.

Directly and using our facilities with trained instructors, carry out workshops, conferences, personalized advice, practices of use, on Aurora; reaching a high level of recruitment of potential professionals users or developers of Aurora.

Among the main accounts are newly created



Summary in just 48 days

Reference of how you want to identify the developer or instructor staff who will lead the workshops and work tables

Branding reference since the videos will be in Spanish

> https://youtu.be/YySeuXIhc78

Thank you @stalking @ell @Alex_J


greetings, attentive to any observation, comment or any concern to the proposal.
@stalking @ell @Alex_J

Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now. Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.


Greetings Alex, thank you for your attention, in relation to the proposal to send the proposal the next quarter will be based on the reason for the refusal to improve, clarify or adjust the proposal to the objective of the subvention program

Thank you for any additional information you can offer us or the team to improve and achieve goals. @Alex_J @stalking @ell

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