[APPROVED] Aurora Community Mods Ops July-Aug-Sep '24

Hello Aurora fam, Hope everyone is doing great. It’s a great experience to serve the community with our moderation and support. We present our proposal for another quarter to keep assisting Aurora Community with their queries. Apart from community support we will be assisting the team in community campaigns etc.

Feel free to reach out to us on official community platforms. (Telegram/Discord/Helpscout )

Previous Reports : [REPORT] Aurora Community Mods Ops April-May-June '24 - #2 by zubairansari07

With another quarter we keep our team comprising 3 members to moderate Aurora Community channels 24/7. As usual we will be collectively working to solve community members’ queries, listen to their suggestions and focus on community service.

Zubair : Will be online for 8 hours/day 7 days a week on Telegram, Discord &HelpScout. Apart from regular support, Zubair will be checking on tasks execution of each mod and will be helping them with recommended answers. Will write proposals and reports on behalf of the community mods ops. Zubair will be presenting tech questions and issues to the DevRel and Engineering team weekly. Additionally, he will be keeping an eye on the official help.aurora.dev page when needed. Also handling comments on official Aurora twitter.

Aman : Will stay active 8 hours/day 7 days a week on Aurora Community official Telegram, Discord and HelpScout to assist community members. He will be sharing the updates of the Aurora Ecosystem in different regional communities such as Aurora India.

Rexux : In his role, he will be responsible for providing 8 hours/day 7 days a week of support on Telegram, Discord, and HelpScout. Additionally, he will manage the Aurora Discord server, and oversee all channels and bots within the server. Rexux will also be responsible for sharing updates about the Aurora Ecosystem through various platforms, including Aurora Ecosystem News Stream on Telegram, Discord #community-news chanel, near.social…

Budget :

Zubair : $2000/month x 3 = $6000 (izubair.near)

Aman : $1600/month x 3 = $4800 (iamanansari.near)

Rexux : $1800/month x 3 = $5400 (rexux.near)

Total budget : $5400/month x 3 = $16,200

Thanks everyone for being with us. We appreciate your support towards Aurora & aim to help you proactively.

Note : No Admin will DM you first, beware of scammers. Never share your seedphrase!!! Stay safe Aurora community!

Best regards,
AURORA Community Mods Ops Team

Aurora Telegram | Discord | Community Tech Support Group | Help page

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Approved. Thank you for your service


Thanks for your support Egor! :innocent: