[Report] Aurora Indonesia Sep-Oct 22

Hello Aurorarians!

Here is a report from Aurora Indonesia during September to October. Before we start, here are our previous proposal and stated KPI metrics:

Proposal : [Approved] Aurora indonesia [September/October]
Amount : $3900
Wallet : auroraindonesia.near

Our KPIs were to achieve on previouse proposal:

  • Create Official channels on Telegram, Twitter and Instagram
  • Daily Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter
  • Weekly articles and news translated and posted on social media
  • Expected impact/metrics in the next two months
  • Above 500 members on Telegram
  • 100-500 members on Twitter Support in Indonesia

Today, we are here:





Medium Articles


Here is the report about winners on each activity :


We see that Aurora Indonesia’s social media channels are quite solid, especially for Telegram and Twitter, but we still have to pay attention to other channels. In addition, a strategy is needed to increase interaction to create ownership of the members.

Besides collaborating with some of Aurora’s internal communities, we will try to interact with influencers outside the ecosystem as directed by Aurora Hunter’s team! Many thanks for your big support @ell @Vladislav_vl25 @johanga

What to do Next:

  1. Create activities to engage more with members
  2. Collaborate with entities such as exchanges, crypto influencers in Indonesia
  3. Take part in offline activities and attend local crypto events in Indonesia to promote Aurora

We are very open to suggestions and feedback for our growth dan success!


hi, thank you for the report!

few questions are here

I see in your proposal:

among big amount of images I can’t really recognize, what is what - could you navigate and guilde me please there, by showing:
– 5 articles per month - and how many viewers have it seen and read
– 2x per month giveaways - with numbers of participants, post about rewards,
what is the way(token and network) and which wallet was used for sending rewards? :smiling_face:
– can you choose and show the best graphics from your designer that costs for 350usd/month and is not a canva?

also wondering, what is the difference between all these 3 activities?
– Posts on Telegram and moderator
– Articles and news translated and posted on social media ( handle Twitter, Instagram and Telegram)
– Write articles, guides, and how-to guides on our Aurora Indonesian Blog


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Thanks for the report.
But there is also no information how the grant money was spent. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello mate, thanks for the critical question. Let me answer one by one


About the GA event we have 400 USD budget in total, here are the recaps:

Aurora Indonesia x Aurora NFT GA : 30 USD
Aurora Indonesia x Aurora Insider GA : 75 USD
GA Invitation telegram : ~100 USD
AMA w/ Aurora NFT : 30 USD
Prize on Discussion w/ Gun Gun Febrianza : 50 USD

Planned :
Aurora Indonesia x Aurora CN : 50 USD

Budget remaining : 65 USD

We will attach the winners data soon, the evaluation is that we distributed the prize via NEAR wallet address but now we realize and will distribute it to the aurora wallet via metamask

You can see it all on our Instagram & Twitter channel about it. I got your point.
Congrats for being able to get a graphic designer who is willing to be paid low and cooperative.

At first we used a reference on the NEAR forum, because the task was all-in design by request. For 2 months we also check the performance and based on evaluation we agreed to reduce the budget and even change our design team if needed :slight_smile:

crystal clear, this is about translating blogs on the Aurora Indonesia medium. sometimes we ask for help translating for long threads on twitter.

this is for bot setup on telegram, posting on telegram channel and moderation for AMA, initiate discussion etc

this is for handling instagram and twitter channel

evaluation : for the future it seems better for us to include the names, responsibilities of each person as you did in the proposal :slight_smile: so there is no more confusion between us :slight_smile:


you can check it on our proposal before, about the rewards I have described it above for details :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: wallet reports and winners will follow soon~

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Could you please mention the details of all bounty winners in each activity on your report, thanks!


We have updated it ser, thank you for your reminder


Thank you for the report and great job!