[REPORT] Aurora Indonesia Nov-Dec 22

Hello Aurora Community Fams,

We would like to give report from Aurora Indonesia on November to December. Here are the links, metrics and approved budget from previous proposal:

Proposal : [Approved] Aurora Indonesia November, December 2022
Amount Approved : $4400
Wallet : auroraindonesia.near


Before we start, we are having trouble switching Aurora tokens to USDT to keep value. During the swap, we suffered a loss of 250-300 USD due to price impact and pool fees,

Actually out of a total of $4400 we only used a $4100 budget


We will use the Kucoin platform that accepts Aurora tokens and Aurora network to maintain value and will add an additional 5% fee in anticipation

Let’s get started…



Metrics : 590 to 1035 followers on Twitter (+75%++)

Twitter - November

Twitter - December


Metrics : 2000+ to 1912 members on Telegram
Note : Maybe some of you are asking why the number of members has dropped in the last 2 months, this is all because around 300 members are bots and we also clean up around 150-200 inactive accounts

But in terms of activity, the members have started to actively discuss and ask questions about Aurora, provide information to each other and so on.


Metrics : 195 to 214 followers on Instagram (+9.74%)

We are having a hard time because Instagram is not like Twitter to promote crypto-related education. But we still consistently post for branding and social presence. (This is useful when collaborating with partners because we are considered consistently active)


Community Call

We consistently hold community calls at least 2 times a month, where the topics are not only from us but also from members who want to express their opinions.

We held 2 quizzes, guess the football score and crossword puzzle.

Event & AMA

We held 4 AMAs out of a total of 6 AMAs (2 partners who had made a deal to hold AMAs canceled by themselves [IDNFT (pending) and MEXC Indonesia (pending)]


For transparency of the bounty prize winners, AMA and Quiz, we include them in the following link. There are some participants who haven’t claimed the prize either

Remaining Balance from Previous Proposal : $185

We will use this spare budget to held Invitation Event (130 USD)


For the YouTube video channel, at this time, with a very big apology, we haven’t implemented it yet. But the funds are still available and we will complete it as promised in the previous proposal.

Currently we have an AMA schedule with partners in the next few weeks and we will use the remaining budget to be optimized and allocated for urgent needs first.

#OneLove #AuroraIndonesia :indonesia:


thanks for your work, results, and report!

i like your new design :blush:

let’s try to create some ecosystem connections? with ecosystem dapps and projects.
also, I’ll share a few ideas for Instagram in our Tg chat, as soon I’ll have an example

what plans do you have in mind for your guild development for the nearest 3 months?


Our pleasure, we also consider your inputs and suggestions~

Happy to hear it further :green_heart: