[Approved] Aurora indonesia [September/October]

Hello Aurora Community!

I am Ari @Arkur from the Aurora Indonesia community, We hope you guys are always in a good health and blessed.

Let’s bring growth to the Aurora community in Indonesia.
Last month, we formed the Aurora community in Indonesia by creating several social media platforms and Telegram groups. we had a target of 500 members last month but the Aurora Indonesia guild first focused on recruiting a team. We are optimistic that we will be able to increase that target.

Dery (NEAR Indonesia) @derymars , Riqi (CEO Paras) & Irfi (Lead Engineer Paras) will be Aurora Indonesia Advisor
Ari @Arkur & @Agungdjs as council members and have 3 members already for work.

What problem is the proposal solving?
The purpose of this proposal is to foster the growth of the Aurora Network in Indonesia, implement and disseminate this innovative technology to groups, entities, communities, and developers in the country, bringing cutting-edge knowledge to people who already have knowledge of the crypto universe and also new users.

We want to be able to bring all the news of the Aurora Network to Indonesians with articles, news and translation of the main technical and non-technical documents and updates so that they know more deeply about it. We already Create Aurora Indonesia community in telegram channels to bring updated information and focus on the dissemination of content about Aurora and Web 3.0 world, also using the Twitter and Instagram accounts.

How is the problem being solved?

  • Create more event and content for indonesians, in addition to translating original documents (from sources : Aurora.dev)
  • Show Aurora use cases to our community and new users
  • Show the options to developers to build in Aurora/Near

For the last month, we are has been invited NEAR protocol user in Aurora community.
Telegram : telegram contact Telegram: Contact @AuroraIndonesiaHQ (95 members)
Twitter : @Aurora_IDN (81 Following, 27 Follwers)
Instagram : Aurora Indonesia (@Auroraindonesia.hq) • Instagram photos and videos

Metrics/KPIs to track results.
Our goal is to:

  • Create official channels for Aurora
  • Engage people throught translation of original documents
  • Show Aurora use cases
  • Bring more developers to build in Aurora

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

  • Create Official channels on Telegram, Twitter and Instagram
  • Daily Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter
  • Weekly articles and news translated and posted on social media
  • Expected impact/metrics in the next two months
  • Above 500 members on Telegram
  • 100-500 members on Twitter Support in Indonesia

Funding Details
MONTH 1 to 2:
Content generation,team, news and articles: $1950/month

  • Graphic Design = $350
  • Posts on Telegram and moderator (2 team members) = $ 300
  • Articles and news translated and posted on social media ( handle Twitter, Instagram and Telegram) = $400
  • Write articles, guides, and how-to guides on our Aurora Indonesian Blog (target 5 articles) = $ 400
  • 2x per month giveaways = $ 200
  • Staff salary for community management, Planning, reporting, team meetings, and coordination = $300

Total requested amount in USD:
$ 3900/2 month (September and October 2022)
Near Wallet ID:
Tagging AURORA Community grants program team members


Lets update the title with [PROPOSAL] in it for more clear idea.:v:t2:

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Great to see Aurora Ecosystem can grow in the Indonesian region. My advice covers a few things:

  1. Social Media presence is a must, be more aware of updates related to the Aurora ecosystem, new projects and news from existing channels

  2. Start a relationship with the Solidity community in Indonesia to start promoting Aurora, you can see what series of events are related to Aurora and at which points to collaborate together


Proposal is approved

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Good evening. I am happy to support your proposal.


Thanks for your support mates @ell @Alex_J

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hey hey!
looking forward to accept your report from this 2 months of work :blush:

have a great day :pray:


On my way~


Thanks for sharing the monthly report (Sep-Oct):innocent: