[Approved] Aurora Vietnam community

Dear Aurora Community,
Cc @ell @Alex_J

According to Aurora Community Grants Program, we would like to make a proposal about the AURORA Vietnam community as follow:

Introduction Guild, community, project name;

NEAR & Aurora Vietnam:

  1. Vietnam is the 2nd country with DEFI platform interaction after the US (in terms of on-chain Defi value, number of deposits, and retail value)
  1. NEAR Vietnam 2nd the biggest NEAR community after China

Therefore, we would like to take the above advantages to create NEAR & Aurora Vietnam to raise awareness, and engagement and then recruit new users for the Aurora community.


Our team consists of 4 members with diverse roles to make the ecosystem thrive by delivering the news & insights to the community, consulting projects on business development, and tech support, to build a minimum viable product & community.

  • Tu @Tran: Rust & Substrate Developer of Octopus Core team, Researcher & Business Strategy, Degen Specialist.

  • @Hai Vu: Business Development, Marketing & Content Editor - now working as NEAR project ops/ Spin Marketer/ OFP Local content editor. Here is my CV.

  • Vit nho nho: Community Builder, Marketing & Content Editor for Dodo, Fusotao, Octopus Vietnam Researcher. Here is the CV.

  • Phat: Designer, Art creator


  • Total Twitter impressions from Jan 2022 till now (organic, no ads, no bot): 974k impressions

Value proposition & Metric/KPI to track results

Thanks to our multitasking skills, strong understanding of web3, great knowledge of online communities, and a variety of backgrounds, we are enthusiastic about proposing the following value proposition to the Aurora Community:

  1. Twitter NEAR & Aurora Vietnam: NEAR Vietnam | Aurora Vietnam
  • KPI: Minimum 5 tweets per week ~ 20 posts monthly, 50K impressions as minimum
  • To keep the community alive and informed, we will create 20 Vietnamese posts in a simple and understandable way, weekly news & recap for the Vietnam community.
  1. Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @auroravietnamofficial
    Telegram announcement: Telegram: Contact @AuroraVietnamAnnouncement
  • KPI: 8 hours for 5 workday support
  • Create a new Aurora Vietnam telegram
    We will provide support with 1 moderator for the Aurora ecosystem issues and community engagement, based on our past experience building Telegram: Contact @octvietnamese (2,176 members)
  1. Medium: https://medium.com/@nearauroravietnam
  • KPI: 5 articles per month
    We will write articles about Aurora in the Vietnamese language and present these articles to our community through our Medium account.
  1. Online event:
  • KPI: 1 Meet up monthly
    We will hold online events through Twitter Space or on Telegram. There, we hope to get to know the members of our community better, as well as their skills and perspectives on Aurora.
  1. Project support:
  1. DEV Solidity Community Building https://www.youtube.com/c/Tutranminh
  • We will hold at least 1 online technical event per week (on zoom or google meet) to share and learn about Solidity, Near smart contract, substrate, EVM. Participants: 10-15 people.
  • And writing 1 technical article in Vietnamese on medium around aurora technology per month

Funding scheme

Monthly - 3,300$ for the team with KPI as below:

  1. Twitter content strategy & execution: 20 posts ~ 1500$ (discount 50% from rate card)
  2. Telegram moderation = $ 600
  3. Medium article translation & creation: $100 x 5 = $500 (discount 30% from rate card)
  4. Online event meet-up & reward: $300 (for community reward)
  5. Dev community building: $400

This quote is based on our rate card for projects. NEAR VIETNAM TWITTER RATE CARD - Google Dokumenter

Wallet ID: vietnamnearofficial.near

And I would like to get my friend’s feedback as well: @williamx @FritzWorm @near.insider @zubairansari07 @SanketN81 @nacho.near

Thank you for reading, and looking forward to your feedback, mates! :beers:


Full support partner :metal: :rocket:

So, far working with you for almost a year, I can recommend you with my eyes closed :wink:


@FritzWorm Thank you for your kind words, bro! :pray:
The pleasure is mine when working with you too! :nerd_face:


great writing proposal @Hai and Aurora Vietnam, Nearity also has personally worked with Hai Vu and his team in many contexts, he is very professional, generous in knowledge and a very wide-ranging community activist.


great writing proposal from Aurority would you mind? :blush:


Was wondering why vietnam proposal is not there yet hehe, and now it’s here :heart:

Thanks @Hai for drafting it so well, after seeing the active Vietnamese community on NEAR, I’d support for the Aurora Vietnam anytime :raised_hands:


Thank you for your compliment bro! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you very much mate! :pray:


Thank you for your support @zubairansari07!
Haha yeah we need some time to draft it, and congratulations on your approved proposal! :fire:


Proposal is approved


Congrats fren @Hai

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Thank you. Approved


Aurora VN Community, congratulations! We look forward to working with you!


@Alex_J @ell Thank you very much for your consideration! we will deliver the good results for the Aurora community! :rocket:

@near.insider thank you for your support bro! :beers:

@kc_sollano thank you KC for your strong support, the pleasure is mine for our collab! :pray:


Congratulations Near Vietnam, @Hai :man_golfing:


@Hai my sincere worm (Indian :slight_smile: ) congratulations for approval your brilliant proposal,
i’ve bookmarked it directly to save forever the quick access to the best example of well structured proposal :blush:

could you please share links on Aurora Vietnam community socials , and how to connect to you directly in TG? to keep informed of each other activities


Morning @johanga
Thanks for your compliments!
Please check our link below, just add in the posts, and we will start the activities from 1st Sep.
Looking forward to further coop. I’ll dm you my telegram!
Have a nice day! :rocket:


Great propose! @Hai


Thank you bro @josedlujan! :beer:


on your Twitter there’re links on Medium and Telegram that are not working :blush:
please, could you update it :pray: