[Rejected] Hak Research - Defi Aurora Vietnam

Dear Aurora Community,
Cc: @ell @Alex_J

Below is our proposal details:

Guild, community, project name

“Hak Research”

Region, country



1, Team

The Team’s Name is “HAK Multiverse” and was born with a mission to enrich people’s knowledge of the crypto industry by providing them with reliable news and in-depth analyses.

HAK Multiverse consists of 5 crypto-enthusiasm members:

  • Truong Quang: Researcher & Content Creator, KOLs.
  • Buu Tran: Community Manager & Content Creator in testnet/retroactive, skin in the game.
  • David Tinh: Marketing & Business Development, now work for many projects such as Aurigami, Manson, Ultiverse,…
  • Thuat Nguyen: Designer & Statistic Analysis Reporter.
  • Khue Vu: Translator & Global Partnership Manager

2, Achievement

  • Twitter: We have three accounts both for Vietnam & Global audiences with million organic impressions monthly.

For Near Protocol and Aurora, we have generated many educational and informative content since 2021 and received quite a few attention from Vietnamese communities:


1, What problem is the proposal solving?

  • There are many new Defi Dapps on Aurora that are under development even in the Downtrend. However, some small Vietnamese groups noticed that.
  • Vietnam is one of the biggest Near communities with a lot of investors holding a large number of different tokens and assets of NEAR Ecosystem. Many many of them have just kept it on CEXs due to the lack of Defi knowledge & skill.
  • It’s impossible to find a Defi Aurora Vietnam Community

For those reasons, we decided to focus on generating informative & educational defi content related to NEAR/AURORA to help people easily keep their portfolio growth via Aurora ecosystem instead of CEXs and support projects in doing marketing, especially at the early stages.

2, How is the problem being solved?

We plan to highly focus on developing Aurora defi users on Twitter and telegram for the early months:

  • Twitter: Hak Research

    • KPI: Monthly 16 tweets + 4 threads (12-20 tweets) with 60,000 impressions minimum
    • Latest news, Defi statistic analytics, Defi Dapps updates, Defi Guidelines,…
  • Telegram: Hak Research

    • KPI: Support 20/7
    • We will provide 2 mods who are responsible for supporting members and creating discussions.
  • Discord: Hak Multiverse

    • KPI: Support 20/7
    • We will provide a mod supporting members and share content about new projects on Aurora
  • Medium: Hak Research

    • KPI: 4 articles per month
    • We will write about defi mechanism of Aurora Dapp and “Skin in the game with Aurora” series
  • Youtube: Hak Research

    • KPI: minimum 1 video per month (AMA with dapps later)
    • Aurora’s Defi projects: research & updates, Defi skin in the game guides,…
  • Tiktok: Hak Research

    • KPI: minimum 2 videos per month
    • Sharing research and updates of Aurora Defi Dapps

3, Funding details:

  • 3 Telegram & Discord moderators (daily support): 700 USDT
  • 1 Twitter manager: 600 USDT
  • Content Creators: 1400 USDT
  • Graphic Designer: 600 USDT

Total Monthly Costs: 3300 USDT

NEAR Wallet ID: Hakmultiverse.near

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon! :blush:


Good Idea for Your Plan


good job man

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Thank you ser!

Thanks for your compliment! :heart_eyes:

good job bro

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Thank bro! We try to be better…

Aurora is a big project, you guys can be a part of Aurora with this plan, I believe in you guys


Thank you for your support! :kissing_heart:

Please support our plan to build a high-quality Aurora community in Vietnam! Thank you.

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Thanks for the proposal. Aurora Vietnam community really needs people like you.


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Good job man…!

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Thank you a lot for your :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: compliment…

very good plan

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Thank you so much! I hope can bring it to live

hi Hakk Research, sometime i catch your content on tiktok and twitter. it’s quite great for new audience onboard crypto.

Some question,

1/ how do you bring EVM-developers(solidity dev) to AURORA ecosystem by your campaign monthly?
2/ how Hakk Research get spotlight for NEAR and AURORA to bring Billion web3 user to NEAR/AURORA?(among of many chains that you do)

Btw, could your share your rate card or your package service or something like that ?



Wow great proposal! I believe you can bring quality content for Aurora ecosystem. I support this proposal


I have been following this channel for a long time, also have a look on tiktok twitter and youtube. they are really special and quality

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Thanks you so much

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Firstly, I want to thank you for your compliments and interesting questions.

We’ve understood our strengths. Hence, with the “Defi Aurora Vietnam” project, we will extremely focus on generating informative and educational content relating to NEAR/Aurora to help users get closer to Defi on this potential ecosystem.

Besides, we strongly believe that when we create a great community (“Defi Aurora Vietnam” will) that makes every member proud to be a part of it, you will receive more than a noisy one. Indeed, each member makes a firm commitment to you and your product. Furthermore, he/she will also help you promote your brand to their friends. That’s exactly what “Defi Aurora Vietnam” aims at.

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