[Approved] July & August - Content Creation (Youtube/Highlight Reels/Guides) Marma J Foundation

Guild Name: Marma J Foundation

Funding scheme: Monthly

Council: @chloe @bianca @marmaj

Advisors: @mecsbecs @tabear @ocaso @Chluff @sour_icky @AshleyC @Monish016

Links to Socials: https://marmaj.org/connect/

Proposal summary:

The Marma J Foundation’s mission is to leverage Web3 tech for social good. We carry out our mission by providing tools, resources, and education to community members about how to interact with decentralized applications.

As we continue to educate and experiment with the Near and Aurora Ecosystems, we would like to take this opportunity request community funding (in $AURORA) to create more catered and in-depth video content about Aurora and many of its ecosystem projects.

  1. Coffee with Chloe: As Chloe (founder of the Marma J Foundation) streams almost daily on NEAR and Aurora Ecosystem projects over a cup of coffee (or two Lol), We would like to do more videos on the Aurora Ecosystem specifically.

These videos help the community understand the usage of Dapps built on Aurora and help in community engagement in Aurora Ecosystem.

Some Dapps already covered in last videos:

Check out Youtube videos already made about trisolaris, rainbow bridge Etc.,


Rainbow Bridge

  1. Highlight Reels will be created on the streams so that more curated content can be created for the community. (at least 1 HR/Aurora specific stream)

  2. The Highlight Reels will be used to support article/guide creation by marmaj Contributors. (at least 1 guide/Aurora specific stream)

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

General Metrics:

  • views on video content (streams, highlight reels, whiteboard series videos → test)
  • Number of $marmaj token holders who also have storage for $Aurora (we will be starting with “using $Aurora on NEAR’’ so will be easier to track using Near based Dashboards eg. Pikespeak)
    • There are > 10k accounts on Near with storage added for $marmaj
    • By checking interactions between holders of both $marmaj + $AURORA alongside Dapps like Burrow/Ref will help us to understand how useful the videos are for our growing community.
  • Reaching > 100 subscribers on Youtube (more professional content)
    • Receiving funding to support content creation for Near related projects will allow the Marma J Foundation to move on from simply educating towards showcasing.
    • The streams will lead to a greater number of highlight reels + whiteboard videos which can cater to a wider audience as we expand the support we have for the creators in our ecosystem
    • Timeline would be for before another funding request was submitted (before nearcon!)

Total requested amount in USD; $819 ~ 420 $AURORA

Near Wallet ID: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

If there are any questions, please feel free to leave comments here or reach out to our community in discord: Discord | Marma J Foundation


Thank you for your incredible work. Happy to support.


Thank you so much <3 just did another stream this morning going over the basics of the $VOTE token and excited to continue digging in more and sharing with our community <3

(haha don’t mind my rambling in the stream, this will be cut into a highlight video by next week)


Proposal is approved


Thank you so much! Looking forward to learning more about Aurora as we create content for our community <3.


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