[Closed] Aurora Cyclopaedia


Auroracyclopaedia intends to be a glossary for all vocabulary, terms and references within the Aurora scope of projects, application, metabolism and definition. A general purpose glossary to index all terminologies and applicable definitions concerning Aurora to grant ease of access to knowledge by community members sekking clarity regarding a concept and also for newly onboarded members finding their way around Aurora functionalities. Auroracyclopedia would have a dictionary definition style in alphabetical order with links to solutions embedded in the definitions.
As a budding layer 2 chain, there is need for a central repository of information that would be available easily for people seeking quick insight regarding a project, product or concept on Aurora. Employing an explict, easy access and user friendly interface, Auroracyclopaedia would provide information seekers the concise detail they are requesting while appealing to the seeker aesthetically for a full on consumer experience and functionality. It is a known fact within crypto communities that from time to time enthusiasts and other community members occasionally need access to some product, functionality or specific information on chain and they’d have to post in community groups or request this information from some other popular member in the ecosystem. Sometimes, time elapses before they get the response that points them in the direction of the information that they seek. Auroracyclopaedia would bring an end to such time lapse in information streaming, Auroracyclopaedia would in its alphabetical chronology provide information in a direct and easy accesible way whereby the user can access the information they seek by clicking on the alphabet that begins the keyword of the information they request or easily use the search bar at the top of the web page

This project would be actualized in three steps

  1. Acquire Auroracyclopaedia domain
  2. Research and gathering of information from Aurora communities, project leads, Aurora personell/officials. developers, coders and core team. Information to include texts, audio visual content, chain terminologies and dichotomy, links to websites or social media content
  3. Arrange information in alphabetical chronology and group links of website and social media links with context associated with alphabetical keyword
  4. Contact Front end web developer and back end web developer and explain how website would be rendered then feed them Aurora ecosystem reseach information for them to build and render
  5. Alpha test website and engage some community users to test website for any bugs
  6. Beta test to see how users gauge the friendliness of the UI and the ease of access to functionality provided by the website

The team that would execute Auroracyclopaedia would comprise of Project Manager, Researcher(Information gathering and arrangement), Front end web developer, Back end web developer.
Project Manager: In charge of managing the organization of the project, gluing together sequences of activities and monitoring progress of each department involved in the project. keep track of timelines synchronized with each phase and making sure of quality assurance
Researcher: Responsible for gathering all Aurora ecosystem information for archiving and alphabetical arrangement on Auroracyclopaedia website.
Front end web developer: For biulding the front end part of the website like landing page, contact, about us etc and user interface appeal for users
Back end web developer: Responsible for biulding the back end processes of website which is the database for which aurocyclopaedia contents would be archived and available for rendering per request of the user


M1: Team researcher takes full month to gather all requisite information needed for Aurorcyclopaedia and groups them in Alphabetical chronology in best presentation format on Auroracyclopaedia website. Project Manager vets information and passes information to Aurora Core for verification and validation
M2: After verification from core team of genuiness of research information, web developers start building Auroracyclopaedia website, Project to span thereabout 2-3 months
M3-4: Complete website, check for bugs and errors, alpha test, beta test and launch website at end of month


To be requested at the inception of the project


Hello, thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form?


Hello, i havent applied for the grant since i and the team of coders were still planning the best approach towards buidling, is there an explanation to why this proposal was closed?