(Pre-Proposal)Aurora Campus Tour, Ghana

Back Story

I have been in the crypto space since 2017. My journey started when I became Dash ambassador for Universities in Ghana in 2018. In 2018 there was a conference in my school concerning cryptocurrency with Dash as the focus. After the conference the organizers demanded that they needed people to be trained as ambassadors. I got in touch with them and then they selected me as the ambassador for my school. Since then I’ve organized several blockchain events, Radio talk shows, meetups, online events among others. This is me in a video with my team speaking about cryptocurrency four years ago in one of the radio stations in the Winneba Central Region. Dashy Africa radio talk show - YouTube.

Web3 is still at its infant stage and there is a lot to be done on educating and onboarding new people into this space. As someone who is a product of campus conferences I believe this is the time and opportunity for me to use such an approach to spread the awareness of web3/cryptocurrency with Aurora as the focus to educate and onboard new people.

I also encourage other Aurora leaders in other Africa countries to replicate such an approach. If we are able to spread awareness and educate more youth on the various campuses, adoption of web3 products across the region will be more easier.

My target is to focus on tertiary students, it is more important to notice that secondary school students can also be looked at if you’re looking to go this route in promoting web3 products.


Education-based marketing is probably the most effective method to advertise a new product. This project is therefore focused on bringing innovative ideas from undergraduate and postgraduate students in Ghanaian Universities based on their knowledge in marketing, technology, journalism, finance,accounting, communication software development etc.

My target is to organize workshops/conferences in all 5 selected Universities to educate and practically onboard new people into the web3 space. The workshops/conferences shall be open to all interested persons including CEOs of businesses, investors, the media (TV, Radio, online & print) and the general public at large.

The project will see two meetups/training, a month 30 minute radio discussion program, a meeting with the Student Representative Council (SRC), and creating online platforms in all the 5 selected Universities. Each of these meetups are expected to record at least 300 participants whereas the radio discussions will be heard by about 40,000 people with phone in sessions for questions and answers. Also to bring software developers together to develop applications and software that will enhance the use of Aurora for general usability in Africa.

The motivation behind this project is to create awareness and onboard new people through education and marketing with Aurora as the focus. The youth plays a major role in the development of any country. Unfortunately, there is a continued increase in graduate unemployment in the country giving students the need to leverage available opportunities.

Target population

The universities were selected based on their population and influence they gave on the Ghana society UEW-over 40,000 students, teaching staff(over 200) that is lecturers and professors non teaching staff over (500) . University of Ghana- over 38,000 students. UCC- over 60,000 students (nationals and international) plus over 10,000 post graduate. Knust- 21,288 Undergraduate and 2,306 post graduate student

The training will be held in five (5) different university campuses across the country. More than 300 participants are expected to attend the workshops/conferences at each selected campus

( University of Ghana https://www.ug.edu.gh/ , Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)https://www.knust.edu.gh/, University for Development Studies (Tamale)https://www.uds.edu.gh/ , University of Cape Coast https://www.ucc.edu.gh/ and the University of Education (Winneba) http://www.uew.edu.gh/


I’m currently doing research on the cost of this proposal

I’m yet to speak to the leader of Aurora Africa @israel_igboze. I have a good connection with him and I will do that as soon as I have more clarity on this proposal.

This is not a proposal from Aurora Ghana. This is an initiative to promote web3 adoption among youth in Ghana with Aurora as the focus. It is important to know that one of the goals of this initiative is to form Aurora Ghana after it’s been successful.

Who am I

My Name is George Appiah, part of Near Concierge team and formal official moderator of NEAR. I have a degree in Economics and political and currently Head of Programs and Marketing at DeFi Africa.( https://defiafrica.net )


Hey @GeorgePro, Good Noon

Your project are exactly like my dream project you described here in this proposal🤩, I am very happy to see your goals…

I have thought of something similar for India, From which we have already established few educational community for different States in the India☺️

Best wishes for the future💜



the question is : when we’ll have these 60k educated students - where and how to supply them? what will be the next step, after studying them?

Hello @johanga Thanks for showing interest in this pre proposal. Seems I’m not getting your questions clearly. Please can you rephrase?

Can’t wait to see what you will achieve too @Dk_51. WAGMI!!

i’ll try to :smiling_face:
as i understand, here is your target:

so the plan is to study so many students about Aurora
– am I right here?

if so, I’m wondering , what will be the further destiny of that students? how they will use that knowledge and where? who will be responsible for that?

hope now it’s easier to understand :blush:

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Thank you for further clarification. I believe awareness is so important when it comes to the web3 ecosystem in Ghana. First thing first. I’m looking at educating, onboarding and awareness for now. After this phase we will look at our next steps. It’s imperative to know that unlike the APAC region, the Africa region doesn’t have a lot of builders building on web3 plus we have few users. All these is as result of lack of awareness and or education about web3.

We have Aurora Africa who are looking forward to launching a boot camp for Africa. We can direct students to them.

I’m also looking at creating a campus base communities with ambassadors who will be paid based on bounties. So we can have something like Aurora KNUST Campus, Aurora UCC Campus etc.

It is important to know that this is also a way to build offline communities in Ghana.