[Rejected] Aurora Animated Contents

Aurora Animated Contents

Good day to you @ell @Alex_J
My name is Abdulkareem. I am a content creator, founder of Near x Art Dao, a community builder, marketer, music promoter and a digital asset trader. It feels good to be here.


2d animated video explaining Aurora and its attributes.
Example of what the outcome will look like

In my previous project with the marketing Dao of Near protocol, I created contents that indirectly promoted Near and its attributes. The contents garnered over 100,000 views across all social platforms; happy the project served its purpose.
[REPORT] Full Report for YouTube content creation - Marketing / MarketingDAO - NEAR Forum

I am glad to take content creation in another dimension with Aurora! This time around, I intend to use animation videos that will indirectly enlighten and market Aurora network to a good number of audiences.

Indirect marketing is one of the most effective ways to get message across to people and animated videos have proven to be an effective way to communicate information mixed with entertainment

I intend to start with the following topics, although I am open to more content ideas.

  1. Aurora scalability

  2. Aurora attribute (the rainbow bridge)

  3. Aurora dapps

The animation will be more like a movie, reason is that we want everyone to get the information, get educated and have more insight about Near protocol


  • It will create more visibility for aurora network, thereby giving access to more decentralized apps to run operate on Aurora
  • Using this marketing strategy to introduce Aurora will change people’s misconception about web 3 and decentralization
  • One of the best forms of marketing is getting people involved subconsciously
  • Using entertainment to pass your message will get more people interested in the message
  • Animation contents is suitable for all age grade, thus making the information have a wider reach.

Production Process:

  1. After getting a script a storyboard is created.

  2. Character design, turn around.

  3. Animatics, is created to get a near accurate timing

  4. Animation rough

  5. Animation clean up

  6. Color

  7. Environment

  8. Composting

  9. Sound effect and voiceover

  10. Finalization, done.

Time frame : 1 to 3 months


  • Illustrator - $1500 : The illustrator will work on the characters for each topic listed. The animation is estimated to be 1 – 2 minutes. A total of 3 movies will be created for each topic. example of the type of videos
  • Sound artist and voiceover -$600 : The idea of this movie will require some sound effect, thus the need for a sound artist.
  • Script writer - $400: This party will be involved with the writing of the script and storyboard.
  • Promotion: - $500 : This videos will be promoted on facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. to reach at least 200,000 people.

Total cost: $3,000

WALLET ID: abdulkareem.near


Hello. Looks like you’ve posted the same proposal on Near Governance forum,

Hi @ell

I have not posted any similar proposal to this on the Near forum. This idea will be pioneered on Aurora network.

The only active proposal I have on the Near forum is content marketing and it is in no way related to this proposal.

I hope I am able to clarify.

Thank you :relaxed:

@Alex_J @ell

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