[Rejected] Aurora Community Native ( November - December)

She and other other members help to build the Community 24/7. @johanga goes the extra mile, helps with weekly digest, community infographics, articles, giveaways, and other stuff.

Everyone is welcome to comment on any proposals on the forum, and it’s excellent :blush:!


Thank you @ell for your response.
we would be looking forward to joining the writer’s team to further align with Aurora goals. Although, our current publications and articles takes a unique route by focusing majorly on providing concise overviews via education for projects and topics within the Aurora ecosystem via our Educational Series, Twitter Thread Series and Aurora Community Native Spotlight series. and if we consider the decentralized architecture of the ecosystem and communities, we believe these publication series is worth keeping…

Beyond our Articles, if you take a look at our community data. you’ll see that Aurora Community Native has one of the largest organic reach and tools. we display this in our report every month and the numbers only gets better. this places us in one of the best positions to push out other contents like AMAs, Community tools and Giveaways, effectively capturing a wider web of audience for the ecosystem.

please know that we push for the benefit of the ecosystem and we strive to be better, and you can checkout our reports from the last two months. even with the rejection of our proposals, it didn’t deter us from giving significant value, which goes to show our focus is on community growth

with regards to this, our community or any other within the ecosystem is not above criticism and recommendations.

However if we are going to promote a healthy community layer, such criticism and comments should be passed across, in a polite and constructive manner, rather that in a rude and condescending manner, a clear example @Vladislav_vl25 has always passed his criticism and and recommendations in a healthy meaningful manner to anyone and everyone… on the other hand @johanga has been rude,condescending, spiteful in her approach and even dismissive, all doing this with claims she represents you…which does not do the ecosystem any good

We have( everyone in the community ) all worked 24/7 and in our case for a year to add value to the ecosystem which we all are still doing. that being said I have always being open to and still open to collaborating with everyone on this forum and community, to better strengthen and improve quality delivery and promote a unified and healthy community layer of the ecosystem and we have proven this time after time by have other regional and topic based community builders as admins in our community with full access to our community


Your comment is too rash fam

Hello! Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now. Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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