[Rejected] Aurora India August Month

lol.Hey, bud this is my first proposal and it go so much heat.Lol

Lacks decentralization and conflicting opinions, hence no discussion and not getting best value for ecosystem. I’ve thought about these stuffs for days ser :melting_face:

NEAR has the culture for collaboration and not competition, I would love you guys to contribute but as Aurora Tamil like you planned with NEAR Tamil but that never went through, now you’ve the experience and opportunity to contribute on regional level😀

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Hey Bud I know we are from the same country but pointing team saying there is no decentralization even though the team reaches out to every other people to be a part is not a fair game. Ateast prove where we are centralized with Aurora India. I never seen faces of any people from my team. It all relationship started with Near and we wanted this to carry forwards to the aurora ecosystem as well. As again il say. Having known people in the team is not centralized but refusing to add new people to the team Is called centralized. hope you understand.


Have you ever seen me contributing to Tamil Near Protocol? Please get your facts correct brother.

I have never been on their team. :slight_smile:

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After reading all these proposals and replies the only thing it seems like a WWE going on.
Same people Same proposals and we all know the end results.
Just one question to both of the teams. Why the concept of NEAR INDIA or lets say here both team have worked on many projects which failed?
Can you guys share some metrics or your insights about its failure?
Not criticizing anyone, but learning from mistakes is the key to growth. But identifying mistakes is also necessary which no one talks.

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Hey @SanketN81 , is Hindi the national language of India?

NEAR India wasn’t started or lead by any of the team members mentioned here if you please checkout the history of NEAR India. NEAR India failed due to funding proposals afaik and also the lack of lead.

Hey @zubairansari07 my question is Hindi is the only language that Indian people speak?

After reading this thread.
I think this battle looks like between MARVEL AND DC @SanketN81 and @Sachinmurali03
Let see what council will choose.

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I am sure its not the national language. But most acceptable language in India for sure. Telling this from my experience in 15+ states till now.
If you want to get into language then i can guarantee you that no proposal will pass.
India has near 121 major languages which are atleast recognized and over 1600+ languages which are minor ones.
No DAO or community can accomodate it.
And forget about dilects. It changes every 5kms

कोस-कोस पर पानी बदले, चार कोस पर वाणी


It’s not written or said anywhere, nor in the official docs or in the proposal. So the question shouldn’t be asked. Hindi is not the official language but the most widely spoken language in India. I hope you’d agree on that Zeus

To clear things out, we’ve not worked on NEAR India, we were new to ecosystem when NEAR India was a year old.

Yeah exactly. Learning from the mistakes of NEAR India, we’ve got the most competent team with proven contributions to lead the Aurora India Initiative.

One of key learning is to keep growing and collaborating, that’s why we’re looking forward to have people from our community lead their own events in offline places.

What you written in alien language can you elaborate that please

We don’t want to drag it out further but let the councils decide after reviewing the strength in the proposals .

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I see admins in this proposals in NEAR India as well as many other channels too.
Same admin.
And as far as i know there has been always a counter by @dacha as well as shreyas for every proposal on forum after which it always dropped out.
Why the Indian DAO could not get funded? I see support for other country DAO on forums.

Okay then why you guys mentioned about hindi and forced the point that Indian only understands blockchain when it’s in hindi? Can you please explain that?

I agree with you India is a hone of numbers of languages and there’s diversity in every region. Although we should agree on the fact that even if there are many languages, majority of the audience speaks Hindi when it comes to communication widely.

Can you prove it, followed by that if Indians can’t able to understand things easily in English then how could they servive in web3… Do they demand world to speak hindi? Or thinks everyone in this world knew hindi to pamper them in only hindi?

Yes you see the admin tag but that is given to Vikash and Rahul because they are both mod in NEAR official group . So the tag is not that they are part of NEAR India since start. About my tag, that was given by Guild lead just to remove bots because I was an active member. I don’t add that in my experience anywhere. NEAR India got stopped funding since long before our joining.

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