Hello Aurora Community,
My name is Mucunguzi Moses and I am the lead of the Blockchain Club of Uganda Near Guild. Please take a look at the proposal to reveal what our guild has been cooking on growing Aurora presence in East Africa. We have moved to build an Aurora Guild named; Aurora Mashariki Guild, a Kiswahili based guild that will focus on creating and building a formidable Aurora ecosystem in the region of East Africa.
Africa is beginning to take shape in blockchain technology with a great deal of discussions surrounding the new technology as a new form of reclaiming the internet by the people and for the people.

The Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild has been executing Near Protocol activities in Uganda which has helped us achieve enormously in the Near ecosystem. We have been able to achieve greatly through coordination of other guild in Africa including NPK in Nigeria and our immediate neighbours, Sankore S2 in Kenya who were graduated to a regional hub of recent. We shall thus leverage this Web3 network in the region to establish our Aurora Mashariki Guild.

Basing on our contributions in the Near ecosystem such as onboarding local devs, especially students graduating with Near certified developer certificates from the Near University program. That said, the Aurora Mashariki Guild shall be mandated with growing the Aurora ecosystem in this campaign designed to raise awareness of Aurora and the Near ecosystem at large among the developers, creators, academia, researchers, and the general blockchain audience in the region.

In this particular project, we shall embark on mass Aurora and blockchain awareness among researchers, artists, academia, local developers and university students by onboarding them onto Aurora and blockchain in general with a major focus on local devs and tech students to prepare them to build the blockchain infrastructure that will drive Africa’s technological future.

We shall structure our outreach based on the City Google developer groups, University Art Clubs, Google Schools Developer Clubs and other existing local dev organizations as these are preexisting tech groups and clubs in major cities and universities. This will help our efforts to land on the right audience as we are at the technical stage of our awareness.

We shall then seek partnerships with blockchain university Clubs and local dev Groups premised on Aurora in Universities and cities respectively. These will act as blockchain think tanks and our campaign shall be aimed to invoke blockchain pitches among these formations.

We shall also set up meetup groups for these clubs and cities and our major focus will be in Uganda and beyond like Kenya through our already established ties with Sankore, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Throughout this campaign, we shall advance blockchain education with a primary aim of addressing the current traditional challenges. We shall envision blockchain in particular, Aurora as a modal building platform to achieve the SDG’s. We shall outline Aurora cutting edge features in solving most problems affecting the legacy blockchains, scaling Near and bridging Ethereum.

Our cause will be championed on a generational sharded blockchain that is fully scalable, provably secure, and energy efficient(carbon neutral) which addresses the problems of existing/legacy blockchains.

We believe that being an open source platform, everyone is able to build borderless applications on the Aurora bridging with other networks thus full decentralisation due to its heterogeneous feature on the internet. Through this, the limitations of existing blockchains will be eradicated and thus envisioning our systems built on smart contracts.

Given the above context, we hope to tackle topics ranging from smart contracts, Decentralised Finance(DeFi), Metaverse Non Fungible Tokens(NFT’s), Gaming, DAO’s which are practically ideal solutions to our societal challenges with key emphasis on Aurora and Near ecosystem in general. We shall also expound Aurora’s novel support for Ethereum tools such as Metamask, Truffle and Hardhat. All putting keen emphasis on writing smart contracts on by leveraging Aurora as smart contract hub on Near, building Decentralized Apps(DApps) by the on boarded devs in a bid to build solutions affecting our society.

This shall be executed through social media challenges, content(Articles, infographics, memes) challenges, meetups and AMA’s


It should be noted that our events will be both technical and non-technical. Our biggest focus will be a clear and concrete understanding of Aurora.

Below is a brief syllabus of our events.

  1. Blockchain overview. This will explain major evolutions of the Web. Distributed Ledgers, Public and Private keys, Blockchain consensus (POW, POS, POH…)

  2. Introduction to Aurora. Here, we shall give an overview of Aurora clearly explaining it as a Fast, scalable, trustless bridge on Near and EVM compatible. Precisely, we shall introduce audiences to:

  • What Aurora is
  • What can be built with Aurora
  • Where to find Aurora courses/docs
  • Creating Near Wallets and how to sign up for Aurora community hub and

Go on to walk the audiences through where they can get live support on Aurora, such as:

  • Discord
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Forum
  1. Aurora smart contracts on Near and EVM compatibility

  2. Rainbow Bridge.

  3. Aurora Testnet facets.

  4. Oracles( Flux Protocol & Dai Oracle) and Public API’s


  • On boarding tech students onto Aurora
  • Having local devs start to build DApps on Aurora
  • Building local solutions on the Aurora
  • New developers will be on boarded and Nationwide awareness of Aurora as we shall be advertising our events in the local mainstream and social media
  • Aurora will be a platform for benchmarking for the National Blockchain Bureau.
  • Growth of the Aurora and the general Near ecosystem.
  • New Aurora contributors will be brought on board. These will contribute to code, content, social media marketing and community growth and management.
  • An organic Aurora as an Africa community will be built

Milestones and Budget

This campaign is designed to be executed over a period of three(3) months with an intention to make it continuous on condition that we achieve the goals we have laid out.

Below are the Milestones for the three(3) months with proposed budget of $3,200 for each month.

This how the funds will be spent.

Item Qauntity Unit Cost($) Total($)
Campaign Logistical Equipment(Barners, flyers, stickers) 2 batches 300 600
Event Venue Hire 2 100 200
Swag(T-shirts&capes) 100 10 1000
Social and Mainstream Media Marketing 2 rounds 500 1000
Team Honorarium 4 60 240
Total 3200

Grand Funding total over 3 months (3200*3) shall be $9,600

Target address auroramashariki.near
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Good evening. Thank you for your proposal. We are looking for Community members ready to launch dedicated Aurora social media ( Twitter (in native language), telegram, hold AMAs and meet-ups, write articles on Medium, work with local best-in-class tech influences, and YouTubers, etc.). Are you ready? It could be Aurora Uganda guild, for example.

Thank You!


Hello @ell thanks for the feedback. Yeah sure, our campaign shall be run through community meetups which shall be hosted across the major cities of the country. This will be similar to the Sankore Near Hub Kenya tour events. We shall also focus on content in form of infographics, memes and articles about Aurora use cases that are applicable in the African context such as Climate Change, blockchain for social change( to address issues like refugees, Hunger), AI… These articles will be posted on dedicated Aurora Eat Africa Channels(Telegram, Twitter, Medium) and blockchain/tech publications in the region such as https://bitcoinke.io/ in Kenya. We shall also be translate content into Kiswahili, a dialect spoken in East Africa(Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo) to localize/decentralize Aurora. We shall as well setup Aurora Meetup.com groups for the Major cities in the region. For the Purpose of this regional Guild, we shall Name it Aurora Mashariki Guild. As it will target Kiswahili speaking communities.


Ok, thank you. Looking forward to seeing updates in your proposal.

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Hello @ell our proposal has been updated, will be glad to receive your feedback


Hello @Mucu256
Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.