[Rejected] Aurora Tipping Dapplet

Hi all. We are the Dapplets Team.

One of our products, Tipping Dapplet - working within Dapplets Extension to send NEAR tokens to user’s tweets and receive those tokens by linking the corresponding Twitter accounts to the wallet.

We propose to recreate this functionality for tipping in the Aurora network.


Increasing UAW and transactions in Aurora network, to be on a 1st place on DappRadar in Aurora category https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/aurora

To implement the idea we need to do the following work:

  1. Write a Tipping contract on Solidity. The contract is a mechanism of linking the sent tokens to a tweet and a twitter handler and sending them in case the contract contains information about a wallet that has the right to demand tokens from the corresponding twitter handler.
  2. Work time: 1-2 man/weeks in case only native tokens are used
  3. Connecting Aurora wallet to Extension
    Work time: 1-2 man/days
  4. Mechanism of connection of Aurora wallet and Twitter. For communications with social networks we have a module called Connected Accounts. At the moment, it implements the functionality of the connections NEAR <> Twitter and NEAR <> ETH. If we choose the NEAR wallet as an anchor, then by adding connection Aurora <> NEAR we will obtain the necessary functionality, but Twitter will have to be connected to the NEAR address and then connect the Aurora address to it. If you want to make a clean Aurora <> Twitter link and exclude NEAR completely the execution time will increase.
    Work time: from 1 man/day to 2-4 man/weeks
  5. Adapting the design of Dapplet for Aurora (icons, text, etc.) - design and frontend
    Work time: 1-2 man/days
  6. Optional. Pack the extensions with the Dapplet into a separate extension to publish it to the Google Extension Store.
    Work time: 2 man/weeks
  7. Optional. Add the ability to send tips to Near.social entries (https://near.social/)
    Work time: 1 man/week

To achieve all these goals, we require funding of 10 000 usd. This amount will be used for development and gives us the ability to focus our team effort on these tasks to make all this happen in the shortest terms possible.

Wallet: dapplets-project.near


Thank you for the proposal. Unfortunately I can’t support your proposal.

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