[Rejected] Ayasat 3.0: the first web3 movie integration

please delete the project so that these losers don’t steal it

I’m flagging this message because saying bad things about the community is not a good thing, Due to this bear market, several proposals are rejected, Not only in this blockchain you can also see it in many other popular blockchains… @mikaso

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Aurora you yourself understand that this is not one of many living and populizing projects, the only opinion I have about your community is quite a temporary phenomenon like many others

Thank you for a clear comment, I hope the community will pay attention to all this, well, if there is a community at all, I’m like a layman in WEB3, unfortunately I didn’t see any clear answers here and in general the so-called community.

Mika, @mikaso namaste :pray:
i’m very sad about the situation, all this time I feel deep disappointment, yours and the whole team’s.
you know I appreciate and support this project and did my best to show everyone, how genius it is.
you’ve passed so many stages, you’ve managed to perform thousands of steps. and finally, decentralization met the world with all centralized laws, and the Legal department didn’t approve grant for your project. of course, it creates anger and disappointment, but this is low that you also follow, by keeping documents updated and making new Indian visas regularly. Same with the company, that can manifest decentralization in its area - in the internet, but when it goes to the physical world (like in the case of cinema) it has to follow the law, that’s unclear for the moment for web3. it’s made for the safety, of Aurora and the whole community.
me personally have no one who would be able to change anything in this situation.
i’m very sorry :white_heart:

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It’s a very optimistic and ambitious project but not all ideas will be approved. Good luck for the project, hope you can do it.


if you are watching the presentation correctly, then this has already been done, ambitions have nothing to do with it, it’s a matter of development and popularization on a huge scale, We will keep you informed, thank you