[Rejected] Ayasat 3.0: the first web3 movie integration

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The Goal of the Project
How do we achieve
Production Plan

Onboarding of about 3 000 000 new blockchain users for 70 000 USD through the promo integration in the Indian movie (95% ready, release in 2022).


The goal of the Project is a rapid organic increase in active users and onboarding from web2 to web3 with the help of the Indian film industry.

How do we achieve

Integration of blockchain partner ecosystem products into the motion picture at the story level and integration into the film’s promotional campaign.

Motion Picture

The feature film “2 plus 1”
“2 plus 1” is a family adventure film for family viewing. It is the story of two boys and a girl brought together by fate in India. The idea of the film is the birth of friendship between children of different nationalities and cultures which helps to overcome all the obstacles in this fascinating adventure. The film shows how important it is to dream and seek your way of life, rather than be led by circumstances or your parent’s desires.

Supported by the Ministry of Broadcasting and Information of India,


The film has the status of a National Film of India

Production: Ayasat Media
Level of completion: 95%
Release date: the end of 2022
Distributor in India: JIO Digital, the largest aggregator, which includes 14 top OTT platforms with a total number of subscribers of more than 500 million (Disney+ Hotstar, SONYLIV, ZEE5, SUNNXT, VOOT & VOOT KIDS, ALT BALAJI, HOICHOI, Universal +, SHEMAROOME, LIONSGATE PLAY, Discovery Plus, Eros Now, JIOCINEMA, JioSaavn)


You could say that the entire film is one video, messenger, and texting conversation in screencast mode between two successful teenagers.

The material, which was filmed in 2016-2018, will be their memories, the transition between which takes place through animated interfaces and sent video files, which will give modernity and dynamics to the montage, as well as an opportunity for integration.

Base story trailer:

This is what our heroes look like now


1. Conversion from film viewers to non-custodial wallet holders: QR-quest

Along with with the benefit for themselves, the viewer passing the quest learns how to work with the marketplace, mint NFT, and work with other products of the blockchain partner, starting with the creation of a wallet. Thus, the blockchain partner will receive an influx of new loyal users of the ecosystem trained in the basics in proportion to the audience of the film.

2. Community Building: The NFT Collection

Integration of a charity NFT collection into the plot of the film, the sale of this collection will be carried out on the marketplace of the blockchain partner (for ex. Endemic).

Its interface will be shown on the screen at the beginning and at the end of the film, its name will be spoken by the main characters, and elements of the NFT purchase process will be demonstrated, including the wallet interface.

Charity purpose of the NFT collection — ocean cleaning in India.

Other NFT activities:

  • Collectible NFT tickets for meetings with the movie team
  • Episodes not included in the film in the form of NFT with additional bonuses from the film team

The NFT activities are promoted along with the film.
Brand of blockchain partner will be included in promo too:

  • logo on all media: banners in cinema (at least 4000 screens in India), trailers, etc.
  • press releases: Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Benzinga, etc.

3. Audience retention mechanics

Communication with the audience of the collection can be immediately transferred to web3 based on the Ylide protocol, which makes it possible to send messages exclusively to the holders of the collection, including a mechanism that allows the holder to make a transaction directly from the message.
With this audience, you can continue to work on a long-term basis in the format of bonus programs, new collections, and other activities.
As part of the project, other participants in the Aurora ecosystem may be involved, we are completely open to new ideas.

Joint NFT loyalty program


Cinema audience:

Number of screens in India: 14,000
Minimum copies: 4000
4 sessions per day
30-day rental
20 per session

OTT Audience:

500 000 000 subscribers, estimated number of viewers: 500 000 000 * 20% = 100 000 000.

New wallets:

Even with 3% of successful quest participants:

(100 000 000 + 9 600 000)*3% = 3 288 000 new wallet holders

Minimum coverage estimated:
120,000,000 views on OTT platforms within a year
850,000 - 1,200,000 views in cinema in 2 weeks
340,000,000 views in 5 years on TV channels
Trailer: 10,000,000 on YouTube year
Music video: 70,000,000 YouTube year

Filming Roadmap 2023

We are considering a blockchain as technological partner in our Web3 and Movie adventure.
After the first successful experience, Ayasat 3.0 is planning to start a project for decentralized financing of movies in India and other activities in Web3.

About Ayasat Media


Main Contacts:

Mika Hamzyan

+91 99879 92311


Konstantin Moroshin


Bonus: filming process

Production plan for the completion of the film “Two plus One” and blockchain integration

Phase 1: movie post-production and NFT collection production, budget 30 000 USD before the end of September


1 of October 2022: post-production start

15 of November 2022: completion of the post production

post-production studio https://t-vfx.com/


1-14 of October 2022: pre-production of the NFT collection (for screen life scenes filming)

Phase 2: screen life scenes filming and NFT collection production, 30 000 USD before the 13 of October

October 15, 2022 start of screen life scenes filming

October 19, 2022 completion of screen life scenes filming

three days of shooting + one day break

production http://ayasat.com

October 1-15, 2022: promo music video production, 2 edited music videos to promote the movie “Two plus One” on JIO and music TV channels in India

October 15, 2022: NFT collection production completion, starting of activities in socials

Phase 3: movie promo and delivery to OTT partner, 10 000 USD before the end of October

October 15, 2022 start of pre-sale on the OTT platform

November 15, 2022, signing an agreement with a distributor in cinemas

November 20, 2002 сompletion of all the production processes on the movie and delivery of movie to OTT partner

Release of the film and starting all the Web3 activities: December 2022


a special project, the main thing is new and it can be seen that the coverage is huge in the Indian market, they are adapted for both cinema and WEB 3


Hey Komoroshi, im up for movie integration and max support to get funds for cinema, a wonderful initatinve! :heart_eyes:

Just about numbers my two pennies - lookin’ way tooooo optimistic about ~3.3M new wallet creations. Tho, i would be much happier if you could measure QR code scans and add individual links to infuencers if possible to see stats. And for 70k USD a small change to movie scenario mentioning openly Aurora for few seconds with it’s logo should be a blast!

Anyhow, much appreciated and best of luck on filming process, pre and post production and getting on the big screens. :sunny:


With all the current stringent Tax provisions in India and Government’s reluctancy towards crypto adoption whether it’s Web3 or NFT or DeFi, how will you manage this?
What if you fail to obtain the requisite documents to apply DeFi in movies which is already a much developed sector in India?

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I hope you do know that Crypto Endorsements of any kind are banned as of now by the Indian government right.
Then how are even gonna do this?

Hey Edgar, greetings from the Ayasat team,
we appreciate your feedback and support!
Yes, of course, we will measure QR code scans, and we don’t know yet, how a few hundred millions of views will convert to new wallets, there is no such experience, we will be one of the first (except Netflix). And data we collect could be more valuable itself than for example the commercial success of the collection – commercial component of NFT is more valuable for the charity part in our case.
The cinema audience in India is very huge, so we should be prepared for the massive traffic anyway – I mean technical infrastructure and community support.
Of which I am absolutely sure: the impact on the ecosystem will be significant, we will discover a lot of new, and we can go together on this adventure.

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We don’t need to obtain additional documents here on this step: it’s just a scene about new technologies in the movie. It’s part of the movie, not a part of the ads.
We do not encourage people to open their wallets or buy something.
Just remember the Netflix case with their NFT for Love, Death & Robots.
And of course, we are in contact with IAMAI and follow their guidelines.
vda-guidelines-press-release-feb-23.pdf (324.0 KB)

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And yes, thanks for your participation in this discussion and your questions.
I would suggest giving attention that web3 is not just a replacement or threat to traditional means of payment, it’s a range of technologies that could be used in many ways, not only speculative.
There are a lot of companies working on blockchain in India, including projects for the government and big commercial companies.
For example, TechMahindra, a part of Mahindra, has blockchain developments: https://www.techmahindra.com/en-in/nxt-now/
Polygon was founded by Indians, there are a lot of devs and a strong web3 community here.
Yes, the legal landscape for these technologies in India is still being defined as it is around the world, but it is part of a legitimate, beneficial, and promising activity for our future. I think this is important to understand for yourself too. I love that these questions are raised.

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Would love to witness how it turns out for you guys!
Wishing you guys luck!


Sounds superb! Real pro’s.
Wish you to blast whole Bollywood with the movie!


the project causes a greater resonance in the public of the world Web 3


Hello, Aurora community, we are now negotiating support at a very decent speed at the governmental and intergovernmental level (BRICS Alliance) - at the pre-premiere exclusive screening there will be various big people from the state, and we get a rental automatically throughout the BRICS, in general, this is a super chance for those who accept participation, every day he is more and more successful.
I.e. it is not only the explosive growth of the ecosystem participants but also a special status in India and other countries.

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yes, it turns out this is a mega guarantee for the release

Guys, i just checked the total population of BRICS countries and is estimated at about 3.21 billion people, which is about 26.7% of the world’s land surface and 41.5% of the world’s population.

As far as I know, only Netflix made something like that. Very good starting guys, wish you luck!


You are saying that whole countries as Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa will be all watching this movie?.


The first distribution is in India and Russia because it is a co-production and then obtaining distribution licenses in Brazil, South Africa, and China. Right after the preview and all sorts of festivals.


Hello friends from Aurora, I see the project is really interesting and in the top, but there is no further action on the part of Aurora, I wanted to know what the reasons are. Are we a decentralized system?

Hey @komoroshi ! A very interesting initiative!
But I would like more specifics IMHO.
I like the idea of integrating a QR code into a movie, but the user’s next steps remain a mystery to me.
How will a user unfamiliar with cryptocurrency be converted? What kind of conversion funnel will be created for it? Will the QR quest be shown while watching the movie or will it be a separate marketing campaign? What kind of support, in addition to the film, will Aurora receive (I mean social networks, announcements). Are you going to somehow prepare the audience in advance? Or will the blockchain integration be a surprise for them while watching?
These moments would have opened up more for me :slight_smile:


Hey and thank you for the question, @Lolson!
a QR code that can be read by the user when watching on a streaming service or in a movie theater appears in the frame and in the credits. The code leads to a page with a quest, one of the tasks of which is to get a wallet in order to mint the NTF later.
The task of this quest is precisely to help the user overcome the barrier between web2 and web3 in the most comfortable format possible.
In general, this is one of the main goals of blockchains right now – onboarding new users to web3 through their ecosystems.
Of course, the conversion will not be 100%, but on the total volume of viewers, we will still get an impressive figure, as a conversion reference you can take for example this article https://everkit.org/en/articles/rezultaty-raboty-identix-space.

The QR quest and NFT collection will be a part of the movie promo campaign, and the collection will be integrated into the plot, you can see the details here:
2_plus_1_Movie_Integration.pdf (3.0 MB)

And as a part of the promo campaign this NFT activity will be supported by all of our top stars, like
Riva Arora (8M Instagram)

Akshat Singh (13К Instagram)

Saleem Zaidi (Tillu) (80К Instagram)

Jackie Shroff (1.3 M Instagram)
For the audience, we are focusing on the charity aim of this NFT collection and on the opportunities for the fans to be closer to their favorite stars through NFT activities like private movie screenings.
For the streamings and cinemas, we are focusing on the value of data that will be collected by the NFT activities and the opportunity to establish stronger and longer relationships with the audience through communication via web3.
So it’s not about blockchain itself – it’s about the utility and value of blockchain technologies, and we are sure that it is a healthy approach.

BTW, we don’t receive any feedback on our proposal, despite the interest of the community.
It makes us disappointed a little bit.
We put a lot of effort into building this proposal especially for Aurora and are still ready to work together. But we need to move further with our own plan, we are now in a series of discussions about the product placement in this movie with other partners.
It would be sad if Aurora will miss this chance just because someone “in charge” was too busy to go into details or simply played it safe, as is often the case with a classic corporation.