[Rejected] October social media budget for Aurora Mexico

1. Guild, community, project name; Aurora Mexico

2. Region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project; Country Mexico, 5 members.

3. Links on social media and how many members in the social media;
https://twitter.com/auroramx_ 200 Followers
Telegram: Contact @auroramexico 140 members
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFg4X2PeOvzMr6oDx98GGgA 3 subs.
Aurora México – Medium 57 views
Meetups onsite and face to face, evidence: September previews [Report] Aurora Mexico - September

4. Please, introduce yourself and your teammates;

José Lujan josedlujan.near
Manuel Ancona ancona1330ftp.near
Noemi Leon noemileon.near
Eduardo Ismael eduardo_gpg.near
Josue Hernandez j05u3.near

5. Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / KPI-based / One-time;
$2,500 dls Monthly

6. Proposal summary, be sure to include:

Telegram. We will continue to grow the channel and continue activity within the channel.
We currently have 140, we are going to go for 200.
Medium - 8 to 10 posts.
Twitter, continue to grow the account and activity. Go from 200 followers to 300.
AMA- 2 - 4 monthly, about development and aurora.
Meetups - Create 3 meetups with Universities.
Youtube - 2 Videos about aurora and tutorials.

7. Links to similar proposals on the forum (if applicable);
We did it on September [Report] Aurora Mexico - September

8. Funding Details
Twitter moderation 300 usd
AMA 150 usd. x 4 spaces 600 usd.
Telegram moderation 300 usd
Articles Medium 800 usd.
Videos and visual material and meetups 500 usd


NEAR wallet id:
YOUR name
Jose Lujan
Telegram handle


Good morning, could you please update your proposal in accordance with the form?

Thank you very much!

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Sorry @ell , its done now.

Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.

Hi @Alex_J Can we apply for the next month? or its definitely, on the other hand we could know the reasons? Thanks.