[Rejected] Sponsorship for Solidity Bootcamp by The Phoenix Guild

Hi @Alex_J and @ell , we are a group of women who have come together to create a diverse and inclusive web3 ecosystem and want to help other women in tech and non-tech roles empower and educate themselves in order to utilize the opportunities in WEB3! We strongly believe that empowered women empower women.

Please read more about the guild and the work done so far here.

Guild : The Phoenix Guild

Region : Worldwide

Social Media :

Twitter : 1223

Telegram : 851

Discord : 198 (only for bootcamp members)

Team :sunny: :

Gnanalakshmi T C - Content Creator and Mentor, A Technology Geek, Innovator, Keynote speaker, Community builder.

She is also a Fellow Alumni at WomenWhoCode and started the WomenWhoCode Blockchain community She is currently involved in a few NFT projects as a Solidity developer and is the Blockchain Architect at a Decentralised Fantasy game org known as CoinFantasy. She is an ambassador at various layer-1 chains like Aeternity, Algorand, NEAR Protocol as well as Covalent. She is passionate about education and technology.

Srilakshmi T C - Marketing and communication

Leading the branding and Marketing vertical of the Phoenix Guild to empower women in Web3 and part of the Ocean Protocol Ambassador program. Also the co-founder of an NFT Marketplace called Naksh. Responsible for Business strategies, Brand Development, Financials, Onboarding Emerging Talent in the Indian Art Industry focusing on Digital and Urban art.

Nivedita Vivek - Operation and Community management

Leading the Operations and community management of the Phoenix Guild, part of the Ocean Protocol Ambassador program.Also the co-founder of an NFT Marketplace called Naksh. Responsible for Marketing Strategies, Planning of Drops/ Artist Collections, Onboarding Traditional Artists and Research on Traditional Indian Art Forms that can be added to the Marketplace.

Sneha Mishra - Partnerships and collaborations

Leading the partnership and collaborations part of The phoenix Guild and founder at Social3 a web3-native hiring platform building the professional network in web3. She has worked with Blockchain companies like Polygon, Buildspace and Reneverse and has the background knowledge of how the Web3 ecosystem works with ideas to contribute on both the development and business side. She is also involved with multiple communities and has been part of programmes like The Phoenix Guild, ETHWomen, BuildspaceWomen, and Buildspace India which has allowed her to tap into her network and help make things happen in the ecosystem.

Funding Scheme : One Time

Here are some details about the Solidity Bootcamp + The Phoenix Guild:

Our aim is to get more women to break into web3 and create established careers for themselves.

The Phoenix Guild has planned to organize a Solidity Bootcamp for Women, Non-binary Folks and Allies who are interested in learning the language and also motivate them by incentivising their learning process.

We are aiming to have 100+ women developers register for this cohort and our aim is to enable them to attempt projects, bounties and work on hackathons independently at the end of the bootcamp.

Our long term goal is to be able to help these women apply for grants and lead their projects/startups.

Bootcamp structure:

Prerequisites for the 2nd Cohort

  1. Familiarity with any one programming language

  2. A score of 60% and above in the ClassMarker quiz for basic programming constructs.


Minimum: 100

Maximum: 1000

Cohort-type: Virtual and Asynchronous

What is an asynchronous cohort?

Except for 1-2 sessions, all the other study material will be given to you in your inbox/Discord and you can work with those in an asynchronous manner. You would be responsible for your own time and work submissions.

  • There would be office hours by mentors and masterclasses, which are recommended but not compulsory to attend.

  • The Bootcamp, specifically designed to cater to women, allows them to study during their own time and convenience.

##Expected Impact and value for Aurora Community:

Masterclass for Aurora, specifically teaching them to deploy on Aurora.

More than 100 Quality devs joining the Aurora Community.

Final project deployment on Aurora.

Branding and Outreach to expand the Aurora community.

The bootcamp will be followed by a 1 day IRL hacker house which will prepare the cohort for upcoming hackathons such as ETH India.

Our past women only Hacker houses in Bangalore and Lisbon (In collaboration with NEAR) have been a huge success and we are looking to continue this tradition , you can read more about the hacker house experience from one of the attendees here.

Metrics for success


The success metric for the cohort is for the cohort attendees to be able to start working in the web3 ecosystem post the cohort completion. Work could be focused on Solidity or other ecosystems, could be part-time, full-time, in the form of hackathon/grant projects, and so on.


Individual success in the cohort is measured step-wise.

  • Every weekly content has associated class marker quizzes that need to be cleared by the individuals.

  • Clearing the quizzes makes them eligible for incentives(based on the funds we are able to raise).

  • As the weeks’ progress, the difficulty of the quizzes will progress. The individuals will get one attempt at each quiz.

  • Individuals will also have to pass specific assignment submissions, apart from the quizzes every week.

  • At the end of the cohort, the individuals would have to submit group projects that will be evaluated by internal/external mentors

Please see the results of our Genesis cohort here.

Funding Details

Total requested amount - 10000$

Budget split :

20% - Content creation and curation ( Videos + Written content + Tests will be created from scratch for most of the topics. Content for some of the topics would be curated based on existing content)

15% - Incentives for learners ( Step-wise incentives for top females who score well in the quizzes.)

30% - Communication, Organising and Project management.

Secure mentors and manage masterclasses.

(Manage the sessions, mentors, office hours, communication with fellows, support for completion, manage Discord, Proof-of-Skill record creation)

30% - Marketing, Outreach and Man hours to collaborate with protocols/organizations (to work out a good model around exchanging value. This can be hiring or training etc)

5% - Swags and Merchandise for the Hacker house.

Near Wallet ID - thephoenixguild2022.near

YOUR name - Srilakshmi T C Barathi

Telegram handle - @thephoenixguild (TPG)

Email - thephoenixguild2022@gmail.com


TPG have been helping Aurora India big time in creating Quality Contents. Looking forward to this Bootcamp :heart::tada:


Thank you for your proposals. Unfortunately, we can’t support in at the moment.