[REPORT] AURORA Community Mods Ops Team August

GM/GN AURORA Fam, Presenting our August month report of activities done by the Community Mods Ops team.

Telegram :

Total overview : 12.3k members | 200k+ messages

Discord :

Overview : 31.5k+ members

What we did collectively :

  • Provided 24/7 support on Telegram, Discord, Community Tech Support group and Helpscout.
  • Closely looked for users’ comments and query on Twitter.
  • News stream channel and official announcements on Telegram.
  • Attended community mods weekly sync for the updates from the team.
  • Presented issues and technical problems to the DevRel and Engineering team with regular update of Tech questions sheet every week.
  • Worked closely with the dev support team for tech related questions of users.
  • Regular update of help page templates, Notion and templates document.
  • Reviewed queries about Galxe and worked with them.
  • Organized community contests (meme,quiz) in between.
  • Kept users safe from scams by removing bots, scammers and encouraging them to not interact with unofficial sources.

Brief work description of each mod :

Zubair : 8 hours online at Telegram, discord & helpscout on weekdays. 12 hours online on Weekends. Apart from regular support, checked on tasks execution of each mod, helped them with some answers. Wrote proposals and reports for the Ops. Presented tech questions and issues to DevRel and Engineering team weekly. Worked on templates Doc and regularly updated official help.aurora.dev page. Working on to host contedts like Memes, Infographics, Quiz etc.

Aman: Was active 8 hours on Weekdays + weekends to answer the queries on all the platforms (TG, HelpScout & Discord). Shilled the events of Aurora Ecosystem in different communities. Hosted quiz on Telegram group about Aurora Pass.

rexux : In my role, I am responsible for providing 8 hours of support on Telegram, Discord, and Helpscout. Additionally, I manage the Aurora Discord server, overseeing all channels and bots within the server. I also share updates about the Aurora Ecosystem through various platforms, including Telegram, Discord, near.social, and Mastodon

Max :

Daily preparation of news for the Aurora Ecosystem news stream.

  • Research and analysis of dApps on Aurora.
  • Development of strategies for increasing community engagement.
  • TG Manager
  • DappRadar
  • Electric capital report
  • Work with new partners
  • Connections with the different blockchain teams and arranging voice chats.
  • Connection with the ecosystem’s team members for the ama sessions.

Aliaksandr :

  1. Address inquiries on Telegram and Twitter.
  2. Share engagement-related updates with community members.
  3. Participate actively in AMA sessions and Zoom discussions, taking on roles like speaker, presenter, or featured guest.
  4. Organize and moderate Telegram voice chats, featuring experts from ecosystem projects and different blockchain networks.
  5. Create tweets with the aim of establishing new partnerships.
  6. Generate content for community posts in Russian and English.
  7. Design visually engaging infographics and promotional materials.
  8. Tips for community members activity on TG (RUS/ENG).
  9. Monitor and respond to user comments and queries on Twitter.
  10. Contribute to the Tech Questions sheet, liaising with technical teams when needed.
  11. Work closely with the development support team to address users’ technical questions.
  12. Educate community members to avoid interactions with unofficial sources.

Thanks everyone for reading the report. We assure to provide 24/7 support to the AURORA community. Don’t forget participate in the Quests and Contests :tada:

Note : No Admin will DM you first, beware of scammers. Never share your seedphrase!!! Stay safe Aurora community :green_heart:

Best regards,

AURORA Community Mods Ops Team

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