[REPORT] AURORA Community Mods Ops Team July

GM/GN AURORA Fam, Presenting our July month report of activities done by the Community Mods Ops team. There are changes in the team of mods which will be reported here with their work.

Telegram :

Total overview : 12.8k+ members | 196.2k messages

Discord :

Overview : 19k+ members

What we did collectively :

  • Provided 24/7 support on Telegram, Discord, Community Tech Support group and Helpscout.
  • Closely looked for users’ comments and query on Twitter.
  • News stream channel and official announcements on Telegram.
  • Attended community mods weekly sync for the updates from the team.
  • Presented issues and technical problems to the DevRel and Engineering team with regular update of Tech questions sheet every week.
  • Worked closely with the dev support team for tech related questions of users.
  • Regular update of help page templates, Notion and templates document.
  • Reviewed Zealy claims collectively and helped users with their queries related to campaigns Galxe and Zealy.
  • Kept users safe from scams by removing bots, scammers and encouraging them to not interact with unofficial sources.

Brief work description of each mod :

Zubair : 8 hours online at Telegram, discord & helpscout on weekdays. 12 hours online on Weekends. Apart from regular support, checked on tasks execution of each mod, helped them with some answers. Wrote proposals and reports for the Ops. Presented tech questions and issues to DevRel and Engineering team weekly. Worked on templates Doc and regularly updated official help.aurora.dev page. Working on to host weekly events like Memes, Infographics etc.

Aman : Was active 8 hours on Weekdays + weekends to answer the queries on all the platforms (TG, HelpScout & Discord). Shilled the events of Aurora Ecosystem in different communities. Reviewed Zealy tasks regularly. Looking forward to host upcoming Weekly Quiz on Telegram channel.

rexux : In my role, I am responsible for providing 8 hours of support on Telegram, Discord, and Helpscout. Additionally, I manage the Aurora Discord server, overseeing all channels and bots within the server. I also share updates about the Aurora Ecosystem through various platforms, including Telegram, Discord, near.social, and Mastodon. Furthermore, I am also managing the Zealy page for the Aurora Adventure campaign.

Max : Daily preparation and posting of news for the Aurora community news channels.

Aurora dApps check: Research and analysis of dApps on Aurora. Weekly Aurora dApps check.

TG Manager assistance: Distribution of inquiries. Record-keeping.

Electric capital report: Distribution of inquiries. Form filling assistance.Record-keeping. Work with the Electric Capital Team.

DappRadar: Adding projects to the Aurora ecosystem on DappRadar. Work with the DappRadar Team.

Aurora Voice: Connections with the different blockchain teams and arranging voice chats.

Ivan : In my role, I am responsible for 8 hours of Telegram support. I talk on Telegram about updates to the Aurora ecosystem. I also handle:

HuntersBet: Preparing the tournament calendar (weekly). Launching tournaments on a daily basis. Publishing news on Telegram (daily). Testing (daily)

Zealy: Quest preparation. Testing quests (daily). Collecting bugs and fixing them. Testing (daily). Summarising. Sending rewards.

QuestN: Preparing quests. Testing.

Galxe: Preparing quests. Testing.

Voice: News preparation (weekly). Participation. Sending rewards.

Thanks everyone for reading the report. We assure to provide 24/7 support to the AURORA community. Don’t forget participate in the Quests and Contests :tada:

Note : No Admin will DM you first, beware of scammers. Never share your seedphrase!!! Stay safe Aurora community :green_heart:

Best regards,

AURORA Community Mods Ops Team

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