[REPORT] Aurora German October 2022

Hi Aurora community!

I want to present you my October 2022 report for the German AURORA community.

Previous proposal: [Approved] Aurora German October/November 2022

Approved amount: $5950

Wallet: aurora-german.near



Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @Aurora_Deutsch

Telegram News Channel: Telegram: Contact @aurora_deutsch_news

We have shared the latest news from the community stream in our news channel and our group and supported our community 24/7


Group Members: 717 / 596 in last month (+121 members)

News Channel Members: 159 / 74 in last month (+115%)

Partnership with MEXC German

On October 17 we hosted an AMA Session with MEXC German in their Telegram group (Telegram: Contact @MEXC_DE)

We collected questions from the users beforehand. We selected the best questions and answered them during the AMA session. During the AMA the moderator from MEXC German opened the group to ask further questions. After a few seconds we had about 40 questions. We couldn’t answer all of them, so we selected the best questions and answered them. We also managed to convince some MEXC users to join our community. We are really happy with that event. We are already planning the next AMA session (with Gate.io German)

We also did a trading competition with them from October 14 to October 18 where the users had to trade AURORA/USDT in spot trading. Our partners from MEXC said that also in the trading competition the participation was very high.


Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Aurora_Deutsch

On Twitter we shared the latest news within the Aurora ecosystem and we did some promotions to get new followers.


Followers: 367 / 312 in last month (+55 followers)

Impressions: 5043 / 4955 in last month

Tweets: 75 / 65 in last month (+15%)

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Medium account: Aurora Deutsch :de::austria::switzerland: – Medium

We have created three German articles and published them on Medium and also shared them in our Telegram group and on our Twitter account.

Planned articles: 3

Published articles: 3


Telegram moderators (Stefan, Cizi, Christina): 3 x 300$ = $900

Twitter manager (Markus): $450

3 Articles payment to the editor team: $330

Twitter + Telegram promotions to get new followers: $80

Management salary (Stefan): $350

Partnership with MEXC: $750

  • Preparation, promotion and implementation of the AMA: $300
  • Trading competition: $150
  • Rewards: $300

It was very difficult to plan events this month because we received the funding very late (October 28). But nevertheless we managed to do the partnership with MEXC German and we have already done all payments. But for November it will be easier to plan more events as we have already received funding for November.

Next plans

  • AMA with Gate.io German
  • Activity contest in our Telegram group to improve the activity
  • Giveaway collaboration with Aurora Insider
  • Daily news from Community core group
  • More users on Telegram and Twitter
  • External Marketing with Influencers
  • Collaboration with German communities

Thank you for such a detailed report and excellent work. :dizzy:
Do you plan to invite projects from our ecosystem for AMAs?


Thank you for your positive feedback!

Yes we are currently planning cooperations (AMA / Twitter Event / pinned messages) within the Aurora Ecosystem and also with external German Web3.0/Crypto Influencers.

I will present you a proposal in the next days.