[REPORT] Aurora German December 2022

Hi Aurora community!

I am happy to share the December 2022 report for the German AURORA community.

Previous proposal: [Approved] Aurora German December 2022

Previous report: [REPORT] Aurora German November 2022

Approved amount: $2000

Wallet: aurora-german.near

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We have shared the latest news from the community stream in our news channel and our group and provided 24/7 support for our users.


Group Members: 1322 / 1087 in last month (+235 members)


On Twitter we shared the latest news within the Aurora ecosystem and we did some promotions to get new followers and more engagement.


Followers: 864 / 617 in last month (+249 followers)


We hosted many events during December. I want to report on the most important ones.

Partnership with Gate.io German

We continued the partnership with Gate.io German. On December 8 we hosted an AMA Session with the German community of Gate.io in our Telegram group.

We did a Warm-up event with a gleam.io competition where the users were able to submit questions about Gate.io. Additionally they had to join our Telegram and Twitter community. With that event we managed to get new members on Telegram and also on Twitter.

Activity Contest

At the beginning of December we hosted an activity contest in our Telegram group. The goal was to increase the activity. The most active users got rewards (in $Aurora Tokens) for their engagement.

We were able to increase the activity considerably with that event. The activity contests are a good method for us to have a good engagement and the expenses are kept within limits. We plan to do it again in the next few weeks.

FIFA World Cup events

We made some World Cup prediction events in our Telegram group. The users had the chance to predict some match results and get some small rewards.

On December 18 we made a special event for the final of the World Cup. Therefore we worked together with the German KOL MiMiGermany (https://twitter.com/MiMiGermany_) to promote our event. The users had to Like, RT, follow our Twitter account and join our Telegram group and send the predicted result of the World Cup final in our group. With that event we were able to get 100+ new members on Twitter and +100 new members on Telegram.

Aurora Updates Quiz

On December 22 we hosted an Aurora Updates Quiz in our Telegram group. We asked our community some questions about the latest news and updates within the Aurora ecosystem in the last weeks.

The feedback was very positive, our users said that such an event is quite funny and entertaining. We plan to do it again in the next few weeks.


According to our proposal we have planned three articles but we created five German articles and published them on Medium and also shared them in our Telegram group and on our Twitter account.

Planned articles: 3

Published articles: 5


Telegram moderators (Stefan, Cizi, Christina): 3 x 300$ = 900$

Twitter manager (Markus): 400$

5 Articles payment to the editor team: 300$

Twitter + Telegram events/giveaways/promotions: 200$

Management salary (Stefan): 250$

(All giveaways/event/contest rewards were sent in $Aurora Tokens)


As we got the budget very late and our budget was reduced to $2000 it was a difficult month but we managed to grow further. Despite the low budget and the difficult market situation we managed to keep the community engaged and got many new organic members for our community. As we see the partnership with Aurora long-term we accepted the low budget and did more than planned. We hosted more events and articles than we planned in our agreement and did some activities voluntarily.

Aurora German will keep growing :green_heart:


thank you for your sincere job and contribution to ecosystem growth :green_heart:

do you have a vision of Aurora German roadmap for 3-6 months? :blush:


Yes of course, i will send you our marketing plan for the next months on Telegram :hugs:

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