[Approved] Aurora German December 2022

Hi Aurora community!

Hi @ell @Alex_J

Since August we have been growing an Aurora community for the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). In the last weeks we set the focus on increasing the engagement. In the next few weeks we want to continue with our work and grow further.

Previous Reports:

October: [REPORT] Aurora German October 2022

November: [REPORT] Aurora German November 2022

NEAR Wallet Id: aurora-german.near

Funding scheme: 1 month

Links to our Social Media accounts:


  • In the next month we want to continue with our work on Telegram and Twitter.
    • Daily support
    • Translating and sharing all news from the Aurora community core group
    • Get new users on Telegram + Twitter
  • We want to continue to translate/write articles of the Aurora ecosystem in German and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. We think it’s important that there is some content in the German language to engage more German people for the Aurora ecosystem.
  • Promotional events: We are planning to host many promotional events. Examples: Like/Follow/Invite 3 friends event on Twitter, activity contest on Telegram, quiz on Telegram, FIFA World Cup prediction events, Giveaway with Aurora Insider etc. The goal is to get more new followers for our community and to increase the engagement. Especially the activity contest on Telegram is according to our experience a good instrument to increase the engagement.
  • Support of Ecosystem projects: In the last weeks we started a partnership with the first ecosystem project OpenBiSea. In the next few weeks we want to collaborate with more Aurora ecosystem projects and promote the projects to our community. We will explain the projects to our community, regularly share the latest news and answer questions about the projects.

Expected impact / metrics in the next month

  • 1400-1600 total members in our Telegram group (currently 1080 members)
  • 900+ total members on Twitter (currently 620 members)
  • Latest news within the Aurora ecosystem are shared
  • Active Telegram group
  • 3 High quality articles in German Language
  • Successful partnerships/collaborations with Aurora Ecosystem projects

Funding details:

  • Telegram: 900 USDT (3 admins)
    • Daily support + share the latest news within the Aurora ecosystem
  • Twitter: 400 USDT
    • Share latest news within the Aurora ecosystem
  • 3 German articles about Aurora: 250 USDT
  • Promotional events to grow community (giveaways, activity contests): 200 USDT
  • Management costs: Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, create partnerships, brainstorming: 250 USDT

Total costs for December: 2000 USDT

NEAR Wallet Id: aurora-german.near

As agreed I have created a separate proposal for external Marketing including AMAs, partnership with German KOLs, German Aurora articles and videos on German crypto platforms etc. The external Marketing will help us to increase our reach and to get more people into our community.


Hello! I can approve $2000 for December


Hi @Alex_J @ell

I have edited the proposal and adjusted the funding and metrics.

Thanks for your support!

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Happy to support. Thank you for great job!

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