[REPORT] Aurora German November 2022

Hi Aurora community!

I am happy to share the November 2022 report for the German AURORA community.

Previous proposal: [Approved] Aurora German October/November 2022

Previous report: [REPORT] Aurora German October 2022

Approved amount (October + November): $5950

Wallet: aurora-german.near

Links to our Social Medias:



We have shared the latest news from the community stream in our news channel and our group and 24/7 support.


Group Members (target was 900-1200 total members): 1087 / 717 in last month (+370 members)

News Channel Members: 576 / 159 in last month (+417 members)

Partnership with Gate.io German

On November 17 we hosted an AMA Session with the German community of Gate.io in their Telegram group (Telegram: Contact @Gateio_German)

We collected questions from the users beforehand. We got so many good questions. It was impossible to answer all questions so we selected the best questions and answered them during the AMA session.

We did a Warm-up event with a Google Form and a gleam.io competition where the users were able to submit questions about Aurora and its ecosystem. Additionally they had to join our Telegram and Twitter community. With that event we managed to get 100+ new members on Telegram and 100+ new members on Twitter.

Activity Contests

We hosted 2 activity contests during November in our Telegram group (1 is still running until 7th December). The goal was to increase the activity. The most active users got rewards (in $Aurora Tokens) for their engagement.

We are really happy with the result, we were able to increase the activity considerably with those events. The activity contests are a good method for us to have a good engagement and the expenses are kept within limits.

Partnership with OpenBiSea

We also made a partnership with an ecosystem project - OpenBiSea. We promoted us each other on Twitter and Telegram

Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/Aurora_Deutsch/status/1595066382273871874

Telegram announcement: Telegram: Contact @Aurora_Deutsch


On Twitter we shared the latest news within the Aurora ecosystem and we did some promotions to get new followers and more engagement.


Followers (target was 500-600 total followers): 617 / 368 in last month (+249 followers)

Impressions: 6437 / 5043 in last month (+28%)

Profile visits: 7560 / 5071 in last month (+49%)

Promotional event with a German KOL

We had a promotion event with the German KOL MiMiGermany. https://twitter.com/MiMiGermany

We made a giveaway event. The users had to Like, RT, follow our Twitter account and join our Telegram group. With that event we were able to get 130+ new members on Twitter and +100 new members on Telegram.



We have created three German articles and published them on Medium and also shared them in our Telegram group and on our Twitter account.

Planned articles: 3

Published articles: 4


Telegram moderators (Stefan, Cizi, Christina): 3 x 300$ = 900$

Twitter manager (Markus): 450$

3 Articles payment to the editor team: 330$

Twitter + Telegram events/giveaways/promotions: 220$

2 Activity Contests (1 is still running): 240$

Partnership with Gate.io: 640$

Management salary (Stefan): 350$

(All giveaways/event/contest rewards were sent in $Aurora Tokens)

Next plans (December + January)

  • More events on Twitter and Telegram
  • Daily news from Community news stream
  • More users on Telegram and Twitter
  • Collaborations with Aurora Ecosystem projects
  • External Marketing with German KOLs (separate proposal)
  • AMAs with German communities (separate proposal)

thanks for the clear report!
metrics of Aurora German became much better in November

and how can you describe the engagement and interaction of users in your activities?
how are they active during AMAs and activity contests by your opinion?
how many people participate there? :arrow_heading_down:

:pray: :green_heart:


Hi @johanga

Thank you so much for your comment

As stated above, with the activity contests we were able to increase the activity considerably. Currently we have a very active Telegram group, there are many discussions about the Aurora ecosystem.
We have made the experience that the activity contests are a good method for us to have a good engagement without high costs.

In principle each user who writes in the group takes part in the activity contest. And the 2 most active users are rewarded.

Regarding AMA we have seen a good engagement when we have opened the chat for a few seconds. We have got so many questions (around 50) in a few seconds. Or when we have made a quiz at the end of the AMA. And we have managed to win new members with the AMAs for our community as stated above.