[REPORT] Aurora German September

Previous proposal: [Approved] Aurora German August / September 2022

Approved amount: $3950

Wallet: aurora-german.near



Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @Aurora_Deutsch

Telegram News Channel: Telegram: Contact @aurora_deutsch_news

We have shared the latest news in our news channel and our group and answered some questions about Aurora and Aurora Plus. We also did some promotions in German communities to get new members.


Group Members: 596 / 294 in last month (+102%)

News Channel Members: 74 / 0 in last month


Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Aurora_Deutsch

On Twitter we shared the latest news within the Aurora ecosystem and we did some promotions to get new followers.


Followers: 308 / 129 in last month (+138%)

Impressions: 4955 / 1739 in last: t month (+184%)

Profile visits: 9923 / 8860 in last month (+11%)

Tweets: 65 / 24 in last month (+170%)


Medium account: Aurora Deutsch 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭 – Medium

We have created three German articles and published them on Medium and also shared them in our Telegram group and on our Twitter account.

Costs (August + September)

Telegram moderators salary: $1800

Twitter manager salary: $500

6 Articles payment: $660

Twitter promotions: $110

Telegram promotions: $270

Management salary: $600

Next Steps

In the last weeks we created some German content of Aurora and Aurora Plus. We also shared and translated the latest news of the Aurora community core group and invited some users in our community. In the next few weeks we want to grow further and improve the engagement in our community. Therefore we are planning collaborations with some German communities to do events with them like AMAs and/or promotional events.


Thanks for reports,
Very detailed and informative.
In last proposal was stated for 2 months - 6-7 articles, but only 5 were done(2 in August, 3 in September).
Do you plan to make up the difference?

For costs, it would be cool if you could specify who got how much from the team (in the sense that we can understand who is responsible for what and what kind of work)

Hi @Vladislav_vl25

Thank you for your feedback

We published 6 German articles (3 in August and 3 in September)
Please check our Medium account: Aurora Deutsch 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭 – Medium

Thanks and have a nice Sunday

If you look at your report for August there were two articles for August.
But yes, there are six articles in Medium. :wink:

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Thank you for report:

  • it would be great to see more activities in your telegram group, now I see only posts and reports. I can’t see “Community”;
  • Host weekly AMAs for Aurora Germany Community;
  • Host AMAs with Ecosystem projects;
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Hi @ell

In the last weeks we set the main focus on content creation in German. Now we focus on imcreasing the engagement. Therefore we are planning parnerships with other communities to do events like AMAs or trading competitions. And we are planning events like a quiz or an activity contest.
Our proposal: [PROPOSAL] Aurora German October/November 2022