[REPORT] Aurora Indonesia Jan-Feb 23

Hello Aurorarians,

We will report on Aurora Indonesia’s activities in January-February 2023:

Proposal : [Approved] Aurora Indonesia JAN, FEB 2023
Amount Approved: $4700
Wallet : auroraindonesia.near


Social Media

Twitter Summary

Twitter Jan 2023

Twitter Feb 2023

39 posts from January - February



AMA with NFT Kompas

AMA with Bananow Land

AMA with METABUILD III Winners from Indonesia

AMA with Stader

AMA with Metadev Indonesia

Gate IO x Aurora Indonesia AMA

Competition, Quiz & Giveaway

Invitation Contest

Aurora Weekly Update 6 Jan 23

Aurora Weekly Update 13 Jan 23

Tebak Harga Aurora

Aurora Weekly Update 27 Jan 23


Quick Giveaway - Booster

Aurora Invitation Contest

Aurora Weekly Update - 3 Feb 2023

Aurora Weekly Update - 10 Feb 2023

Make Aurora Green Again

Aurora Weekly Update Campaign Hijaukan Aurora - 17 Feb 2023

Twitter Quiz

Aurora Weekly Update - Pantun Battle 24 Feb 2023

Aurora Indonesia on XDAO

Aurora Indonesia on NEAR Social Rush Invite Campaign

Aurora Weeky Update - Pantun Battle 3 Maret 2023

Community Call

Offline Meetup

Held by Telegram: Contact @komunitascoinvestasi as the leading community of Indonesian crypto. We talked to many project and community reps and introduce each other.


Twitter : 1250+ members
Telegram 4300+ members :white_check_mark:
Instagram : 239 members

AMA : 6x :white_check_mark:
Community Call : 4x :white_check_mark:
Community Engagement Events : Weekly Update (x8), Campaign, Quiz, Contest (x8) :white_check_mark:
Offline Event Participation : Coinvestasi Jakarta Meetup (Radit) :white_check_mark:

Thank you for the support!

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Hey, here is your work done in the months of January-February

Socials January-February
No. of Followers Planned Achieved(Jan-Feb)
Twitter 2000/2 months 1252
Telegram 3000/2 months 4371
Medium followers 5 6
Articles - 8
Events - 12
AMAs 8 10

Community Weekly Growth

Thanks for the good work. please pay attention on the social media growth, you are constantly losing valuable community users from the last few weeks…[keeping community members engaged is very important]

Have a Great Day!


Thank you for mentioning that bro @Dk_51

Yes, at first we celebrated the massive increase in the number of telegram members due to the event and now many members have decreased because they were detected as bots (where the reduction is greater than the addition)