Wassup Aurora Swaggers? Hope you all are doing great, contributing to the ecosystem and making it better.

Happy to back again to share October month activity report for AURORA Instagram Ops. With our regular activities, we have expanded more and tried out new things!

Approved proposal : [Approved] Aurora Instagram Ops September-October

Approved amount in $ : $2400 for two months.

Target wallet : zubairansari.near

Guild name : AURORA Instagram Ops

Month : October

Main content :

We have two accounts for Instagram as you know @trending.aurora & @auroraisnearnews . We collectively posted infographics about projects, news from the community stream channel, weekly updates, reels etc.

Posted some tutorial reels about freename, Aurora expert bot which got more than 350 views each. :rocket:

You can check the daily content by checking out both the accounts!

Most engaged posts : AURORA NFT Club Infographic

Endemic Introduction

Total number of content before : 160 posts
Total number of content now : 232 Posts

  • Pushed major events from the community guilds on Insta stories such as AMAs, contests etc.

Projects that filled our Collaboration form

If you want your project to be covered on Instagram accounts, all you need to just fill the collaboration form and that’s it

Grants :

As proposed in the proposal,

$400 (Graphic post) + $200 (Account management) - @trending.aurora (iamanansari.near)

$400 (Graphic post) + $200 (Account management) - @auroraisnearnews (zubairansari.near)

Growth :

Insights for @auroraisnearnews :

September October
Followers 130 191
Reach 24k 44.4k
Impressions 36k 54k
Profile Visits 607 415

Insights for @trending.aurora :

September October
Followers 119 187
Reach 25k 47.1k
Impressions 39k 56.2k
Profile Visits 400 418

Total Impressions In September :75k
Total Impressions in October: 110k (46.6% Increase)

Total number of followers in September : 249
Total number of followers in October : 378 (51.8% Increase)

Hashtags visibility growth :

September October
#Auroraisnear ~200 490+ (133% increase)
#Auroranews ~600 ~970+ (60% increase)
#Auroraupdates ~200 ~302+ (55% increase)
#Auroracoin 625 735+ (18% increase)
#Auroranft ~200 ~290+ (46% increase)

  • Additional Activities -

As we announced last month that we will expand our activities from October, we kickstarted the new experience of AMAs on Instagram.

1 - We had a text based AMA with @techdir from Aurora Hunters in our Telegram community group which went well with more than 20 people out of 60 online! Special thanks to @techdir for coming and @johanga (Aurora Hunters) for providing reward to the community members :heart:

2 - We had Instagram livestream with @derymars from Aurora Indonesia :indonesia: and talked about Aurora in Indonesia, AURORA+, Aurora Referral Program and AURORA NFTs. Had some discussion around Insta Ops vision and how we are trying things to promote Aurora to wider audience. Thanks @derymars for joining and appreciating our work.

More than 15 people joined the live AMA!

3 - Our community group now consists of about 70 members, we are publishing regular news and events there as well. Please join if you wish to be around.

Thanks @ell @Alex_J @johanga @Vladislav_vl25 and every community member for supporting! :green_heart:


That AMA was a great experience and I liked the format.


You guys are doing great!

Building exposure on instagram is a whole other level, more sensitive rather than on telegram and twitter :sweat_smile:


Thanks for report.
If I counted correctly, this month there has been this amount of news?
@auroraisnearnews - 194 (26 posts),
@trending.aurora - 186 (38 posts)

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Yes, correct. Unfortunately there wasn’t much news so the amount is low on @auroraisnearnews . However we intend to cover it up within this month including November’s posts.

Total would be 160+ posts by end of the month on each account :innocent::pray:


Thanks for the words Dery, means a lot. Highly grateful that you appreciate and understand the difference of running web3 media on Instagram and other platforms.

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hi, thank you for your work!
it’s not easy to maintain IG for web3 - that’s right
and the number after calculation of KPI show us the same - it’s very difficult job that you’re doing

for AuroraDAO it’s also quite expensive to perform such an experiment paying 15$ per person
while all of us know - for this sum anyone can by thousands of bots))

so I would like to offer you to leave one channel (from 2) and to put there all the efforts.

also I’ve studied the document with IG-influencers that you’ve prepared, and here one more conclusion/proposal:
can you create one more list there and find the channels/accounts that are medium size by the number of followers? but where we can see the Life of real live people, who’re commenting and liking in adequate proportion to the numbers in its group.
it can be communities from other blockchains, or people who’re in crypto, they have different channels (not only Instagram) and everywhere they don’t have 100k of bots, but up to 20-30-50k of living members.

how it can reflect on budget:
we’ll leave you 500usd for graphics and management,
plus 400-500usd for giveaways and collaborations

@ell what is your point of view on it, could you share it here, please?


Hi @johanga , Thanks for acknowledging our work. Let me go comment by comment. First with the correction in calculation of followers/funds spent.

It should be like this according to the calculation by our previous reports :slight_smile:

First if all, we are not using any bot or anything that brings bot followers, as I always say, we are trying to grow organically. Earlier the growth was slow I agree but if you see in report, with the help of AMAs we grew about 50% and I believe we will grow more organically in upcoming months with AMAs.

Now if you please recalculate, There is a drastic drop of $ per user in October from September. Specially in @trending.aurora which makes the overall cost ~9.5

I won’t talk with just followers here but the reach and impressions we got by running these accounts. I won’t target any other guilds but some of them having 2-3k followers on twitter and still gets hardly 8-10 likes while we have better engagement that too on Instagram. The $ per cost for those guilds will seem low by calculation but the engagement shows the reality.

We had our first original proposal for 4 accounts which we reduced to two based on @ell ’s suggestion and experience. Both accounts have different type of design and purpose. Also speaking by experience it helps to diversify the content within audience and reachable more.

Sure, I can create another list of crypto communities on Instagram and other socials. The one I shared were some premium influencers which have verified tick on Instagram.

Some of them were mid size influencers with medium followers. Anyways, I will share another as you proposed. :pray:

I would appreciate if you let us run as we did and AMAs in addition for another month or two to see that we will be able to get good number of real active users on our platform. Just the two AMAs in last weeks of October increased the members to 50%. If we don’t get good results, We would surely reconsider the budget.

I would love to hear @ell ’s views here because the budget we were having was basic since the start after his suggestion.



it’s great that you have your own calculations!! so happy to see that!

nevertheless, what I’ve shown to you has passed Ell’s execution and I won’t argue with him :blush:

thanks! i hope it will give better results, while I was exploring those premium influencers this idea came as a solution, let’s check it

my support is with you and on your side in every sentence here :green_heart:

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Please don’t take me wrong, I am not saying to argue. I just calculated based on monthly budget/followers in that month. So sorry if it sounded wrong. :pray:

Really appreciate the idea, I agree with this solution. I started finding such communities. :raised_hands:

Thanks for the support, Aurora one love :green_heart: