[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela September

[Approved] Aurora Venezuela August/September
Approved amount $2500
Target wallet: ramgor.near
Project Name: Aurora Venezuela
Project Status: In progress

Hello Aurora community, Hello[ @ell and @Alex_J
We are glad to present the Aurora Venezuela September report

Our compromise with our community and the commitment to this project made us work in advance, even before getting funds. And we are pleased to announce that we have already achieved our goals for this month!

I want to introduce our staff members. Thanks to their hard work, we met the goal set out in our initial proposal.

Activity Users
Telegram group moderators: @fritzworm @bacohorse @alejandrom
Twitter manager: @devilhorse
Medium Content Manager: @ame9986
AMAs organizer: @arturoadelante
Project Manager: Ulises Marin (ramgor)

Achieved KPI


Expectation: 100 members.

We reached 184 members to the group with 1556 messages so far. We are pleased to say that we have a strong, participative, and growing community.

We launch the Venezuela Aurora Telegram group on August 29, 2022.


Expectation: 125 users.


We reached 204 followers and had a very good interaction with the Venezuelan and the hispanic community.

(GiveAway) Twitter, Telegram (Thanks to Francisco and his valuable help):


Expectation: 25 followers. 6 to 10 articles.

We have reached 30 followers so far. And our community of writers has produced 13 articles to date. Likewise, we encourage our readers to never miss a post by subscribing to our Medium News Letter.

Our Medium Blog name is @AuroraVenezuela. https://auroravenezuela.medium.com/

Meet our writers

Name User
Milly millyr06
Francisco francisco
Nicole Nicole
Alejandro alejandrom
America ame9986
Juan Peña Jeph

ARTICLES published in our Medium Blog (after the “/”, the date of publication)

  1. Rainbow Bridge ¿cómo funciona y por qué es importante? / Sep 5
  2. Aurora Network. / Sep 7
  3. Ethereum Merge. ¿cómo impactará a los usuarios de Aurora? / Sep 8
  4. Una guía introductoria a MetaMask y cómo configurarla para Aurora / Sep 9
  5. Trisolaris la primera DEX de Aurora / Sep 12
  6. Principales proyectos NFT en Aurora / Sep 15
  7. Aurora como catalizador del idealismo humano en el ecosistema cripto / Sep 16
  8. Aurora DAO. Descubre cómo funciona y cuáles son sus características. / Sep 19
  9. Características principales de Aurora. ¿Qué hace que Aurora sea más atractiva para los desarrolladores? / Sep 22
  10. Presentando la plataforma Aurora+ ¿Qué es, cómo funciona y cuáles son sus principales beneficios? / Sep 26
  11. Top 5 Billeteras para $AURORA. Billeteras compatibles con Aurora / Sep 27
  12. SOLIDITY ¿Qué es y cómo funciona Solidity para EVM? Construye tu DApp en Aurora / Sep 28
  13. ¿Cómo Aurora está cambiando el juego para desarrolladores de Ethereum? / Sep 28

Medium Stats:

Views on 30 days: 479

Reads on 30 days: 240


We host four, we call them “Cycle of Seminars”, each session being an AMA in Spanish

Ciclo de seminarios “Aurora lo mejor de dos mundos” / Aurora the best of both worlds

Session 1

Guest Speakers: Andrés Domínguez, and María Eugenia Arévalo (hosted by Francisco Gonzalez)

Date: September 14, 2022

Participants: 46 people

Topic: Blockchain, Near Protocol, Ethereum 1.0, ethereum 2.0, Aurora and Rainbow Bridge

Link to vídeo: Aurora lo Mejor de Dos Mundos - YouTube

Session 2

Guest Speakers: Fritz Wagner & Ulises Marín (hosted by Francisco González

Date: September 19, 2022

Participants: 40 people

Topic: Aurora, Metamask Wallet: How it works and how to link up to Aurora.

Link to video: Aurora lo Mejor de Dos Mundos sesion 2 - YouTube

Session 3

Guest Speakers: Ulises Marín (hosted by Francisco González)

Date: September 22, 2022

Participants : 25 people


Introduction to dapps,

What are the different types of dApps?

Aurora dApps

How do I connect to the web3. Examples

Link to video: Aurora lo mejor de 2 mundos, Sesión 3 (Aurora Venezuela) - YouTube

Session 4

Guest Speakers: Juan Peña @jeph (hosted by Julián Mostacero)

Date: September 28, 2022

Participants: 24 people

Topic: Introduction to Solidity

Link to video: Aurora lo Mejor de Dos Mundos 2022 09 28 cuarta sesión - Solidity - YouTube

Thank you for your trust, your support gave us a tremendous impulse and we are ready to continue to the next period to keep growing the Aurora Community ! :muscle:


Excelent Job guys


Excelente! Sigan creciendo muchachos!


Estoy muy orgulloso del equipo de Aurora Venezuela por los grandes logros cosechados hasta el momento! Me estoy educando con ellos, fuí partícipe de su gran seminario y sigo aquí, aprendiendo y aportando mi apoyo a esta gran familia!


Thanks for reports,
Very detailed and informative.
A lot of articles have been translated, considering that the team hasn’t received funding yet - a great start.

I see that a lot of information about projects on the Aurora network has been translated on Telegram.
Do you plan to start an announcement channel so that news can be published in it?


Thank you for your comments. We think we have done a good job and we like the vision of the Aurora Community.

We are currently three moderators on Telegram: @FritzWorm @Alejandrom and me. Indeed, I am the one who leads the idea and who has mainly tested it. In this I was selective, not everything. But I would like to bring all the announcements from the official Aurora Community News Stream to Spanish.

I have thought a lot about creating a news channel in Spanish, either as a version of Aurora Hunters, or perhaps better as a channel associated with our group. It is not a plan yet, we have talked and it has not been decided, but we would very much like to receive additional feedback from the Core Team, on how you would expect us to do it.

I will consult again with all my team and I am waiting for your feedback.


Hello, thank you for the report.

  • share information through all Aurora Venezuela community social media from Aurora Community news stream; Very important.


hi @Vladislav_vl25

We are actually in conversations to set up a Hispanic channel. It is a plan that we have for the Near Future! :wink:
probably the next term.

Our articles are originals! We have a team of writers generating original content about Aurora and its Dapps :slightly_smiling_face:

We are also planning to add translations, as we notice some poor quality translated articles to Spanish E.g. words like “NEAR” the protocol as “Cercanas” or “ATM”, the Token, as “cajero automático” (literal meanings, that can not be translated in those web3 scenarios)
those are just a couple of examples of many literal translations, sometimes with no sense, that were made in google translator and we found them in the aurora community. They were not properly reviewed.

We have a set of professional translators from EN to SP-PT-FR already working for other projects (like Learn Near Club) that we could activate for those purposes, having an excellent record by translating EN-SP. We can activate them after having funds to cover their jobs.
appreciate your feedback!


hi @ell
Thanks for your guidance. In any startup, many things need to be tuned to get the desired results. We will take this into account and improve our sharing.
Best regards.


Thank you and have a great week!