[Approved] Aurora Venezuela - June 2023

Hello dear Auroreans! :wave:

Fully of enthusiasm for being part of this huge family, we would like to continue on our path to building a stronger Hispanic community and introduce new people to the wonderful tools and opportunities that our ecosystem has. We want to continue growing and maintaining our community in Aurora Venezuela.
We have been doing great! As you can see in our reports supporting our previous April/May proposal and its respective supports.

[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela April.

[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela May


2. Country: Venezuela

3. Links to social media and how many members they have according to our last report (May):

Twitter @venezuelaaurora

Followers: 1533

Telegram @venezuelaaurora

Members: 1073

Telegram News Channel - Aurora Anuncios en Español:

Telegram: Contact @anunciosauroraES

Members 79

Medium Aurora en Español

Followers 174

Youtube Mundo Aurora

Followers: 44
Videos: 23

Near Social mundoaurora.near
Followers 43

4. Aurora Venezuela Team for this period

Activity Member
Project Manager: Ulises Marin @ramgor
Telegram group moderators: Julián Mostacero @bacohorse, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Gilberth Betancourt @gilberthbetancourt, Francisco John @Fracisco
Twitter: Milly Rodriguez @MillyR06
Medium Content Curator: América Castro @ame9986
AMAs / Workshops: Fritz Wagner @fritzworm, Francisco John @Fracisco, Community Members
Medium Writers: Francisco John @Fracisco, Milly Rodriguez @MillyR06, Nicole Adames @Nicole, Yaneisia Hernandez @YaneisiaLHF, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Juan Peña @jeph, America Castro @ame9986, Angel Sanchez @skyempire

5. Funding scheme:

1 Month

6. Proposal summary Metric/KPI to track results

For us, it is essential to deliver accurate results, and here we can present the following metrics for this period :

  • We will start registering a database of member wallets.
  • We started doing surveys on use cases and preferred Dapps. Also, meet the members and their profiles (artists, merchants, web3/blockchain enthusiasts)
  • Extraordinary Activity:
    We will carry out 1 face-to-face event monthly
    to promote the ecosystem.
    We expect 30-40 people per event, expecting around 15-20 new wallets created.

  • Grow on our Aurora Venezuela Telegram Group:
    by 100+ members monthly

  • Grow on our Twitter Account: @auroraVenezuela
    by 100+ followers monthly

  • We will also add new followers coming from our New channels

    • Youtube Mundo Aurora
      A library for all our workshops, AMAs and Potcasts; this is a place where the Spanish-speaking community can reach the activities we do for them.
    • Near Social mundoaurora.near
      To keep spreading the word about Aurora in Spanish on the web 3.0
  • Grow on our Medium blog: Aurora Venezuela
    by 10+ followers, 600+ views Monthly and 200+ Readings

  • Write 10+ articles monthly, guides, and how-to guides on our Aurora Venezuela Medium Blog

  • Perform 4 AMAs (minimum) monthly, inviting other communities to explain and introduce Aurora’s ecosystem and Aurora’s projects
    we are providing a POAP for every event that we run.

  • Create and run: weekly quiz(4+), giveaways, and contests, to promote the Aurora ecosystem in the community as we encourage people to use our Dapps.
    Prizes and contests are processed through the Aurora Tipbot

  • Translating every single news and announcements published in the @awesomeaurora Telegram Channel to our Channel: Aurora Telegram News in Spanish @anunciosauroraES Aurora Anuncios en Español and our Twitter profile @venezuelaaurora

7. Links to similar proposals on the forum

__[Approved] Aurora Venezuela April/May

__ [Approved] Aurora Venezuela February/March


__[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela April.

__[REPORT] Aurora Venezuela May

8. Funding Details

For our regular activities, we are keeping the same $2500 monthly payment scheme, distributed as follows:

Activities Description Budget period
Activities Giveaways, contests, quizzes, games, contests-organization, arts $200 monthly
Staff salaries Project Manager, Medium Manager, Twitter Manager, TG moderators(4) $1200 monthly
Creation of 10+ blog posts on Medium Aurora en español AURORA articles, projects, (500 to 1000 words each) $600 monthly
AMAs, Podcasts, Workshops Introducing AURORA Network, Aurora ecosystem and its projects, to other Hispanic Crypto-communities and projects. $500 monthly

Extraordinary activity
Face-to-face, live event, Spreading information about the Aurora ecosystem, use cases, 30-40 people per event, 15-20 new wallets created. Budget: $400 monthly.
Includes: Rental of the space with internet access, chairs, sound equipment, video projector, incentives, logistics, and refreshments.

9.Total requested amount

Month Description
Jun $2500
Face-to-face event Jun $400
Total request including activities $2900

10 Near Wallet ID: ramgor.near

11. Name: Ulises Marin

12. Telegram handle: @ramgor86

13: Email rogmarmarin@gmail.com

The Aurora Venezuela community is always grateful to Aurora, the Aurora Community grants program, and its team members: @Alex_J and @ell, for your support, And their team of mentors and collaborators @johanga and @Dk_51.

Thank you all for your compromise.

We will always commit to building a strong, participative, and enthusiastic community for Aurora in Venezuela and beyond!



Hello team!

The crucial point is on-chain community activities. As a next step, besides marketing metrics like numbers on subscribers on social media, AMAs, etc., we should measure on-chain community health:

  • how many transactions a particular community brings to the ecosystem?
  • how many daily/weekly/monthly users?

We have excellent marketing progress; our Community is constantly growing on Twitter, Telegram, Near.Social, everywhere :muscle:, and now time for the next milestone.

So to implement it, we need the following:

  • Collect a list of community wallets and track them on the dashboard
  • Conduct a census of the entire community to understand who are the people in our Community (traders, artists, developers, etc.)

There are no CTAs now; it’s what we want to implement in Q3.

Please update your proposal for one month June, so I will be happy to approve it.


Ok, @ell, time to move on to the next level. :muscle:
We are having a discussion in the team about it.
We will include several polls we were making about use cases on Dapps and adapt our proposal to the new requirements ASAP. I’ll let you know when done.

The previous experience taught us about the inconvenience (for your team and our work) of making a proposal for just one month when you have to handle operations with so many people (a growing community with lots of people and a staff with several persons) due to the time the process takes to accomplish.

How about making a proposal for two months?
With the advantage of avoiding delays and gaps in the job that slow down the momentum we already achieve?

We made a 3-month proposal according to your last request, but we understand that needs can change so fast in this crypto environment. As the new request indicates :+1:


Hi @ell, @Alex_J
Our proposal has been updated to one month and adapted according to the new requirements.
Please let me know if I need to make any further modifications.
Thanks :slight_smile:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Grateful to Super Core and our project manager for the great work they do for the Aurora network.


Thank you! Moving to approved


Appreciate your support! :muscle: