[Report] Chocomint

1. Project Name; Chocomint

2. The project overview;

Chocomint is a decentralized multi-chain NFTs minting platform. You can deploy your own NFT contract and mint at a lower gas cost than other services.

3. Links on the website and social media;

Website : https://factory.chocomint.app/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/chocomintapp
Medium : Chocomint – Medium

4. Project Status: in progress or completed;

in progress

5. Compare results with initial milestones.

Initial Roadmap

Our Milestone and Roadmap are changed a lot.
This is an initial Roadmap, and we complete it to support other L2 networks and develop NFT Bulk Mint.
As we continue to develop the project, the direction we should aim for has changed, and we share it here.

What we thought

We thought the current NFT ecosystem needs a solution of NFT Cross-Chain bridges.
Currently, ERC20 has a lot of projects of the cross-chain bridge, and users can transfer their tokens to other chains easily, but ERC721, NFT still doesn’t have a good solution yet. That cause NFTs are not liquid and closed, and most blue-chip NFTs are on Ethereum Mainnet, not new chains. This would inevitably lead to the NFT Protocol and NFT Project also gathering in that chains.

We would love to break that wall and achieve a future where good NFT Protocols are created on various chains, and users can use their favorite NFTs on their favorite chains.

Thus, we developed NFTHashi (NFT Cross-Chain Bridge)

About NFTHashi


  • NFTHashi is a trust-minimized cross-chain NFT protocol
  • We use Connext and Nomad. Connext provides trust-minimized cross-chain messaging. Connext is built on Nomad - an optimistic communication protocol that requires only 1 good actor in the space to remain secure.

Relevant Link

New Roadmap

This diagram shows what we are trying to build now.
As shown in the previous roadmap, we will develop NFT Indexer and NFT Market (NFT Swap).
NFTHashi (NFT Cross-Chain bridge) was almost done, and it is on the testnet now. It will go Mainnet at end of September. Once it works well, next, we’ll integrate Chocomint, Indexer, and Market into NFTHashi.

We would love to hear feedback about this new roadmap from your team and community.


Thank you very much for the report. Could you please:

  • add our app on dapp radar
  • join in Aurora Community group (please DM me for a link).

Thank you

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Able to connect to Aurora, extremely easy to create, deploy and mint contract.
Don’t understand how to sell, no dark theme.



Very nice product, easy to understand for various types of user.

It would be nice when you create a new nft you select a network and you are not positioned in it (e.x. you are in Polygon but you want to deploy in Ethereum) you do not have to change it manually, that you directly skip the option “Do you want to change network?” to make it more agile.

I’m excited to see it on mainnet! best wishes!


Thank you for the feedback

We’ 're already on DappRadar, and the link is here

I would like to join that group. I’ve sent a message on TG

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Great job here.

I checked with your Discord and its doing great.

However, if you ever need community support with building a community, we can help with that. Just do let us know.

One love :two_hearts:

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