[REPORT] OpenBiSea NFT marketplace Aurora deploy and integration

  1. Project Name:
    OpenBiSea NFT Marketplace

  2. The project overview

NFT auctions in all-in-one place to cut any NFT deal in a few clicks with a $200M support fund.
No registration, mobile apps, wallet included.
presentation OpenBiSea PitchDeck - Google Slides

  1. Links on the website, and social media;


  1. Project Status: in progress or completed;


  1. Highlights:

Smart contracts deploy - DONE
UI (web, android app) update - DONE
Tests - DONE

Additional milestone DONE - deploy and integration MultiSwap:

  1. Compare results with initial milestones.

Smart contracts deploy
UI (web, android app, bot) update

Added: MultiSwap


Good evening. Thank you for the report and great progress.

  • It would be great if you can update an Ecosystem for your marketplace on dapp radar (now it’s Polygon)

  • Add information about Aurora and logo in “partners” section on your website.

Have a great day!

done, added NEAR and Aurora

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Thank You. Have a great day!

@techdir Everything is very strange and vague, except that the site looks like a knockoff of Binance and scarecrow. excluding info about how NFTs are difficult and scary to place and sell, I saw nothing interesting. Marketplace for minting NFT.

@Expert : Recorded on the KAVA blockchain, Aurora connects


Thanks for your opinion. Did you check careful presentation with value proposition?:
presentation OpenBiSea PitchDeck - Google Slides

Did you check multiswap area?

we’ve checked carefully https://openbisea.io/ - this is the issue of current conversation, not the presentation about it, right?

the website is crooked and raw. it doesn’t work : swap function, wallet connection, users support.
at the moment we can’t suggest it to users.


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We just test it and all works well, include wallet connection, users support e.t.c.

If you have a case, please email me alex@openbisea.io

If you just find small bug and report as negative unconfirmed FUD to all OpenBiSea project, it’s not good way for all ecosystem projects.

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I remembered the name (its hard to forget), and had remembered seeing another grant proposal for this. Not casting any judgements here, I just think this post and the conversation are important for the Aurora community to see while considering the project:

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As well as this one. Again, not casting judgements, DYOR, but important to read and see.

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Is it necessary to go to the “profile” tab to connect the wallet?
How to explain this:

very strange, looks like app is in the test
What means “token A” in the pools?

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here we’re not about “opinions” [ opinions are left for media :slight_smile: ] - we’re interested only in checking the quality, functionality, usability, etc… and in cases when something doesn’t work properly we’re showing it for the team with only one purpose - to let the team fix it and make necessary corrections, to make the project better, so it would suit the quality level of Aurora Ecosystem.

returning to certain questions:
1). still the wallet is connecting with a frequency 50\50.
2). The displaying of NFTs looks crooked and it needs to be fixed, to make the lines straight, at the moment it doesn’t look proper/presentable for users

3). The marketplace’ navigation is located at the bottom of the site, that is very uncomfortable = user unfriendly. There are many options for navigation and it is worth making changes in this direction.

4). The next valuable point concerns to filters - where are they? Usually marketplaces pay special attention to it, but we couldn’t find on Openbisea. If filters are here on website and it’s just impossible to be found - this also has to be changed.
5). light theme for the marketplace is the same important as dark one.

All of these factors make the site non-userfriendly, it’s very difficult to find anything on it.

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Wallet can be connected from Connect Wallet button on top or after you will click My collectibles or Wallet area or buy button.

Multiswap was out of grant scope. But anyway, even on mainnet we deploy TokenA and TokenB to pass tests.

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  1. I need small report for your steps to repeat this and fix on our side. Please reach me on telegram alex12alex or email with details
  2. Its not true. height of image depends on original image. For me it looks ok.
  3. tab navigation is a market standard for mobile devices. Looks ok but we will think changes for desktop
  4. search can help
  5. Good to know, we will add in development pipeline.