[REPORT] TavernDAO - The Metaverse Gaming Job Board

1. Project Name: TavernDAO

2. The project overview: TavernDAO is the Glassdoor and LinkedIn of Web3 Gaming. We believe that GameFi is the natural next step in the nature of work, which might sound as ridiculous as becoming a YouTuber just 15 years ago to the average person. Our goal is to match skilled players with the NFTs that best suit them using data verified by our Proof-of-Play mechanism.

3. Links on the website, and social media


Product demo


4. Project Status: in progress

5. Highlights:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Stats to date (50 days): 15,000+ page views, 7,000+ player applications, ~5% sign-up conversion rate

:crossed_swords: Notable beta testing guilds include: Ancient8, Hooga Gaming, Dynamite Gaming, IndiGG, YGGSEA

:video_game: Notable games include: Pegaxy, Aavegotchi, Splinterlands, Thetan Arena, etc.

♛ Strategic partners include: Moxy (proof-of-play for traditional games), MetaCache (guild management tools), and BreederDAO’s PlayCore (data bank)

6. Compare results with initial milestones:

(a) Scholars creating their gaming resumes - final internal testing
(b) Guilds listing their scholarships - final internal testing
(c) Minting of personalize NFT avatar profile - deploying on Aurora testnet
(d) Achieved 1,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU) - done
(e) Achieved 10,000 MAU - in progress


  1. Be Connected to GameFi VCs

Good evening, thank you for your report.

We are looking forward to seeing when all milestones will be achieved .

  • Could you please add our logo to the “OUR SUPPORTERS” block ?

You can find the Aurora logo here (About, then “Press Kit”):

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 10.05.28 PM

I’m also suggesting to you join in Human guild - a community of game developers on Near and Aurora. I will share an invitation link in pm.


Have a wonderful day.

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@Expert : This is a gaming guild, would remove from the games category.
It helps players to earn in games, in other words - the player gets the opportunity to earn into the game, but he gives a certain percentage for the guild. That’s in short.

The questions are :
How does TavernDAO plan to help players on the Aurora network?
What mechanisms does TavernDAO use for it?